Can studying psychology see into a person's heart?

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What do people think of when they think of psychology?

Can you read what people are thinking if you learn psychology?

That people who study psychology have psychological problems?

Can you help people with emotional problems and become a counselor if you study psychology?

If you study psychology, you can help people interpret their dreams and read their micro-expressions?


The above is almost the common understanding of psychology. Today, I believe that after reading this article, all these questions above can be answered.


Let's start with a rough answer to the above questions. Can you read what people are thinking if you learn psychology? Of course not. Psychology is not metaphysics, although the movies and novels in the psychologist more or less with some magical ability, but that is after all the artistic expression, and the real psychology there is a big difference.

Psychology is a science, any science must be through practical investigation, data analysis and other steps of empirical research to reach conclusions, so it is impossible to read what others are thinking, you can only make certain inferences.

Of course, some theories can help you to infer the inner workings of others, such as attribution theory, by observing the outward behavior of others and thus inferring their internal characteristics, but none of them are absolutely accurate.

According to psychologist Hyde, each of us is a simple psychologist who naturally observes the causal relationship between our own behavior and that of others as a way to gain a sense of control over our environment and thus adapt to society.

For example, if a lady comes up to you every day and treats you with a distinctly different attitude from others, you will think about whether the other person is interested in you, and this is a process of attribution.


However, it is not easy to make accurate attributions, and I will introduce them to you one by one in future articles. In short, even if you have studied psychology, it is impossible to see what others think, you can only make certain speculations, the difference is just that - a little more certain than others.

Second, the study of psychology are psychological problems?

The answer is no, you learn psychology or not, you may have psychological problems, or may not, there is no causal relationship between them.

Some people may think that some psychology enthusiasts or psychologists like to point out the psychological problems of others, and then analyze various factors such as family of origin, personality, low self-esteem, etc., will feel that those who study psychology themselves have psychological problems, so that the "accusations" of others to project the dark side of the heart, as the saying: the more you lack something, the more you will show what.

It must be explained here that through the study of psychology, you can better understand yourself and others, and even the human race as a whole, and all this will lead you to think, and more mysteries will emerge. And you have only two choices - to find out why, or to "go crazy".


Third, can you help people with emotional problems and become a counselor if you study psychology?

This is a big misconception, and many people are used to equating psychology and counseling.

In fact, in the APA (American Psychological Association), counseling only accounts for a very small percentage of it. The most important part is cognitive psychology, which means that various research tools such as FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) are used to reveal the human brain activity and thus deepen the understanding of human psychological phenomena.

In conclusion, to help others or yourself solve emotional problems and become a qualified counselor, in addition to solid psychological expertise, you need a wealth of emotional experience, a prescribed number of counseling hours, and a certificate as a counselor recognized by other statutory bodies such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Finally, learning psychology can help people interpret their dreams and read their micro-expressions? When it comes to dream interpretation, many people think of Freud, especially the world-renowned book "The Interpretation of Dreams".

Many years ago, a survey showed that Freud's interpretation of dreams was the most popular and the most recognized. Although psychologists have criticized Freud, arguing that many of his ideas are not related to science and some of his theories are nonsense, who can deny the contribution of the pioneer?

But who can deny the contribution of the pioneer? The introduction of an uncharted field can inspire countless subsequent researchers to explore it, and his insightful discussion of dreams and the subconscious has made an important contribution to the development of clinical psychology.

However, Freud, the founder of the psychoanalytic school, has been so criticized that it would be a bit of a fantasy for ordinary people to study psychology to explain the bizarre dreams.


In fact, the topic of dreams has long been the focus of debate in psychology, and there is no fixed theoretical model that can be used systematically and accurately to interpret dreams, so people still have a long way to go to fully understand what dreams represent. As for micro-expressions, people's misunderstanding of them is perhaps even more widespread and profound.

A micro-expression is a very rapid expression lasting only 1/25th to 1/5th of a second that expresses the real emotions that a person tries to suppress and hide. In the U.S., micro-expressions have come into application, bringing a new dimension to the trial of offenders in the judicial field.

However, micro-expressions are still a relatively unknown field in China, in contrast, books on micro-expressions are springing up in the market, they use "professional system" knowledge to answer people's questions in life and teach you to recognize other people's lies, all this is just to empty your wallet after all, and its professionalism is The professionalism of this is to be examined.