Adventure to Fantasy World, Lemery, Batangas

in LifeStyle3 years ago

Fantasy World

It is one of the destination of the bikers. Located at Lemery, Batangas, Fantasy World stands exquisitely although left abandoned and unfinished. The sight of it from the highway is an eye candy.


I rode my bike from Tagaytay City all the way to Lemery. Although the said places seem like near, it took more than 22km (13.7 mi) to see Fantasy World. All in all, I took 44.4 kilometers (~27.5 miles) at almost 4 hours trip. Going there from my starting point is easy because it's just going downwards, there are only few uphills. Going back is challenging because I have to climb almost half a kilometer. But it's all worth it ! I love the thrill and experience. Oddly satisfying.

Here's some of my snap shots from the place.





I hope you all like it.

Thank you for dropping by.

Keep safe everyone !

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