The Diary Game [24th January, 2023]: Enjoying Meals At The Staff Common Room, My Paragraph Development Lesson

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Hello Steemit Family

Greetings everyone. I am glad to share with you on this day. I have great conviction that you are all doing amazing today. I always love to share with you and it is with such gladness. Let us always try to power up to stay relevant and also to support the steem economy. Let us try as much as possible to join the club100 initiative always. It is nice to try and join such an initiative. It helps alot and everyone who joins it has testimonies.


Lady Teacher Enjoying Meals

It was morning and everything looked so new. There wasn't any sign to talk about today but it looked like an amazing day. Truly today so far is awesome. It's Tuesday again and a day for the Kwabena and the Abena people. That is how we name people here. According to the days of the week. But this morning has been very awesome. When I woke up, I quickly perform my prayer morning routine of having my quiet time. I read some passages in Proverbs. The Lord asks us not to pay attention to the devil but trust him.


Students In Classroom


@juzkid In Classroom

I then prayed for sometime and entered the washroom to have my bath and the necessary bathroom activities. After taking my bath, I then dressed up and got going to school. My clothes were already ironed so it didn't take that a long time to complete my morning activity. I closed the front door and got going to school.


Going To Classroom


At Staff Common Room

On the road to school, it was very calm and the sun was already out. I walked straight to school. I had an early morning lesson so I had to quickly rush to school so that I meet up with the lesson. These days the monitoring in school is getting too much that if you do not get to school on time, you will end up in trouble with the school authority.


@juzkid At Staff Common Room


Teacher Enjoying Food

When I entered the staff common room, I signed my name in the attendance book and left the staff common room to the 2A4 class where I had a lesson on paragraphing in an informal essay. Transitional markers were treated that they are linkers that combine one paragraph to the other in order to ensure smooth transition from one paragraph to the other.


Teachers Engaging In Conversation


Some Cars Packed Around

After the lesson, I had to check on the assignment I gave to students about their past questions. They complied and did the necessary essay writing. After the lesson was done, I left the students to go for breakfast whilst I left the staff common room. At the staff common room, teachers started to have their preparations towards the next lesson and also have some meals. I served some food and enjoyed as well. Teachers are very serious here and they pay heed to their lessons.


Serving Food


Containers With Food

Break came to an end. Lessons continued and teachers are doing their best to attend the various classes. It has been amazing today. I will be leaving school around 3:00am. Today has been an awesome day. I am glad to see and have today. The day goes on. In the evening time, the sun has gone down. Thank you for your time and attention.

Best Regards


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Great day it has been for you. Keep on impacting knowledge onto the young ones for a better future.

I hope the lady invited you to help her finish the food? How I wish I was there to her finish the food.😋😋😋

Thanks for sharing with us.

 last year 

Hahaha nooo she didn't invite me. She only told me to watch her eat the food

Ooooh. It is unfortunate she said that but i would have taken ot as a form of invitation.🤣🤣🤣


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The community is gets even more attractive each time I visit. You're doing a great job, keep it up man. ✌🏽 you've shown some sheer adamance there

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