Students Share What Education Can Do And Has Done With Teacher

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I am gladdened to be with you and share ones again with you on this blessed day. I deem it such a great privilege and an honour to be here. As I've always been saying I love it when I share on steemit. This is because, the whole family is awesome. Let us encourage our friends to keep power ups, motivate them to keep visiting posts and keep voting. I've being on the club100 initiative for quite sometime now and it is a delight to be here.


Students In Class

Each and every country loves to promote education. This is because, it is the fundamental for the development of any nation. Therefore governments invest in education because they believe it is the future of the economy in the near future. Parents who give birth to their children also send them to school and encourage them to keep pressing on so that they will do well in future.


Students' Writing

But we ask ourselves that; how beneficial is education? I took time today to engage some students in my school, Nsutaman Cath SHS about the benefits education has. In their submissions they brought to bare the following;

Through education, diseases have been decreased and prevention methods have been acquired to help curb it. In the olden days, people lived with illnesses for a longer period of time without them having the necessary medications and methods to prevent them. This sometimes made illnesses prevalent in societies and communities. Through education, malaria which most times kill people have had its preventive materials like mosquito nets, mosquito repellent, antibiotics, needles with their medications and a whole lot which has helped reduce the rate at which people acquire or die out of malaria.


A Student Writing

Just recently, the deadly corona virus that came to hang on the neck of us, has been taken through scientific researches which has helped us to reduce the risk. We are hopeful that with the many researches being conducted, it will be completely curbed someday. Medications like astrazeneca, boosters, J&J are being administer to people in order to save them. These are all because of the positive impact education has had.

Again, education has introduced as to prolific writers from far and near distances. Through literature writings, we get to read the minds of writers we have not met before. A writer like Chinua Achebe, William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Ama Ata Aidoo, George Owen, Daniel Defoe etc have shared their writing skills for us to read and enjoy them.

In the Information and communication sectors, modern computer invention are done by great scientist who have gone through education and with their erudition, come out with these gadgets to help make work, learning, counting, cooking, researching very easy and comfortable.

Among a while lot did they share. Education makes one broad-minded and not narrow minded. Education makes the farming sector adopt the right methods to make farming easier and less expensive, through education, manufactoring agencies acquire modern ways to preserve their raw materials and their finished products.

I concluded my discussion with them and help them know that education is the key to success and so therefore they must try to further after this level in order to be responsible members in the society someday.

Thank you for your time.

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