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RE: Project Promotional Cards for Free Accounts!

in Natural Medicine2 years ago

Hey bud, hope everything is going fine! I've been busy studying so I haven't had that much time to socialize, I haven't even checked out naturalmedicine(will check it out after posting this)...This is a really really good idea, business cards are still around for a reason, they are very effective in mass marketing, I wonder if the other tribes will take notice and start doing the same thing!

@khaleelkazi maybe SteemLeo could do something similar?


Heya:) I’m hanging in there. Just finished my first term as an undergrad at med school with another 4.0, so that’s nice. So likewise I’ve been very unsociable as well. Let us know what you think about the project and if you have any suggestions or questions:) I hope everything is going well with you too, @teutonium!

We got this idea from the weedcash community, so hopefully it catches on because you’re right about it being a good marketing strategy.