How to make hand antiseptics at home - INSTRUCTION

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Covid-19 is rapidly spreading around the world - it is necessary to protect yourself from infection. What to do?

Whenever possible, crowded areas should be avoided. It is best to switch to remote work (or to a distance learning process) and not use public transport.

Hygienic mask is not very effective. After all, it is quickly contaminated, microbes accumulate under it. In addition, coronaviruses are able to penetrate the body through any mucous membrane, including through the eyes.

The mask is useful only if the person already has signs of infection, and he seeks not to infect others. For healthy people, it is much more important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and periodically wipe them with an antiseptic. This simple manipulation is good protection against viruses.

In our city there was a shortage of antiseptics in pharmacies and shops. And we decided to make an effective disinfectant out of the available ingredients.

100 grams of medical alcohol 96%, I took from a friend


I bought glycerin in the store (100 grams) spent 85 rubles = $ 1.10


I took the oil from stretch marks after pregnancy from my wife (any cosmetic oil is suitable)


We mixed these three ingredients and added some water to lower the percentage of medical alcohol. 96% is a lot for hand skin. I also heard that people add a little hydrogen peroxide, but we did not have it available.


The resulting mixture must be closed with a lid and left for 1-2 days. And then pour into a container convenient for use. Best of all, if it is a small bottle with a dispenser or spray gun - it is convenient to take it with you and use as needed.


After visiting public transport, various institutions and public places, you need to wipe your hands with a disinfectant. At least once a day, you need to disinfect your cell phone, as well as the door handles at home.

As you can see, an antiseptic for hands is not at all difficult to do yourself. In terms of properties, it is no different from an industrial tool, but at a price it turns out even more profitable. We hope that our recipe will be useful to you. Take care of yourself and be healthy!



These substances can be purchased at any pharmacy. They are not expensive at all:

  • 100 ml of medical alcohol 96%;
  • 5 ml of hydrogen peroxide;
  • 3 ml of glycerol 98%;
  • 3 ml of essential oil (or any other).

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I was thinking of cold distilling a local Gin @russia-btc and I think it would work.
Freezing a bottle of Gin and then letting the alcohol drip inside the refrigerator, collecting it leaving the frozen water inside the bottle. I guess it would work :D

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