How knee pain can be cured even without surgery?

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With increasing age, if the joint pain has become so unbearable that even walking has become difficult, then there is good news for you. Without any surgery or a metal knee, you can get relief from pain in arthritis. In the medical world, along with other diseases, stem cells have also been used successfully on the knee.

Cases of arthritis are increasing constantly. According to an estimate, every fourth person in the world is suffering from some form of arthritis. Accurate treatment of this joint damage disease was no longer possible. Changing the knee or hip with painkillers was the only option. But for the last few years, stem cells therapy has emerged as a new treatment, in which the patient can be protected from complications while changing the knee. Let us know about the disease in detail-


What is arthritis

Any kind of inflammation in the joints when the different parts of the joints like cartilage and cynovium start to damage, then the joints start to weaken. This condition is called arthritis. If treated in time, the joints can be prevented from getting damaged, and the condition of changing the knee can be avoided. If there is unbearable pain in walking, doctors recommend replacing the knee with painkillers. These medicines also cannot be taken for a long time because it causes stomach ulcers, kidney and liver damage.

The main symptoms of arthritis

  • Continuation of pain in one or more joints

  • Pain while sitting or getting up

  • Obstruction of normal working routine

  • Prolonged appearance of redness or swelling in joints

  • Feeling the need for support or walking stick

Types of arthritis

  • Rheumatoid arthritis due to disturbances in immunity

  • Encouraging arthritis at an early age

  • Gouty arthritis due to increased uric acid

  • Arthritis due to joint deformity after injury

In addition, arthritis can also occur with TB, psoriasis, sepsis and other skin infections.

Role of stem cells in new treatment

Because stem cells can create many new cells of their own kind, the cells that are injected into the joints start producing new cells instead of the damaged ones. These cells are also helpful in making bones stronger. It takes four to five months for the patient to recover completely.

With the help of stem cells, one can also get rid of harmful DMARD drugs used in Rheumatoid Arthritis (arthritis due to low immunity). Use of stem cells reduces the amount of these drugs after the prescribed time. Knee implants or physiotherapy along with medications are recommended in the traditional treatment of arthritis.

How is stem cells used

  • A place of knee arthritis where askew is less than ten degrees

  • Stem cells are used with partial or half knee implants, if the knee obliqueness is more than ten degrees in the disease.

  • Stem cells can also be used in cartilage damage due to any reason or in sports injury.

  • Disability can be reduced with its help in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

How to avoid arthritis

  • Do not consume cigarettes and alcohol, it weakens bones.

  • Use calcium rich foods like milk, curd cheese etc.

  • exercise regularly

After the age of thirty years, make sure to check the bone density.



It may be helpful to develop therapy to treat arthritis patients directly.

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