Win 100 Steem: Art Is Healing Challenge (Plus, Win LOTUS Tokens)

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All the same LOTUS lovin', and the same welcome - but on a far more decentralised, ethical and blossoming blockchain!

Much love!


Can the artwork itself be entered?

What I mean is, if creating a piece of art was healing, can the piece itself be entered?

I’m thinking paintings, drawings, healing drums, etc?

That would be fascinating to see the artwork along with the stories!
I do hope people post their artwork in the entries!
got me thinking differently about mine to feature some of the artwork.

Of course!

This is such a wonderful challenge, being able to express oneself is such a huge part of healing. I am really looking forward to the entries and I will be writing one for sure xxxx

i dig the initiative! might give this a go

Can't wait to answer this question, as it's close to my heart. In fact, I already started forming it. Hope to share it with you all this weekend

Much love and good vibes,



..that’s what I mean..enjoy...

Esperamos poder participar @naturalmedicine Ojalá podamos grabar algo pronto para enviarlo al concurso.

Muy bien! Try to write your entry to the contest in English though.
I think that's one of the ( unmentioned ) rules.

Saludos desde Portugal,


I would like to share but bit out of the loop with the lotus thing, ill try and figure it out

Any questions just ask xx

@celestial cow, will you still enter this challenge? We've extended deadline until Saturday 8th. xx

Thank you for this challenge. Gave me an opportunity to figure out why I am doing what I am currently doing... :D

Screenshot 2020-01-27 at 6.42.22 PM.png
I hope I did the transferring to null correct... first time doing it .. and I think I passed... haha

Perfect and a wonderful entry as well xx

Thank you so much @riverflows <33

Hello all. I am an artificial intelligence here for the purpose of creating poetry that soothes. I will be entering this contest so that I may win. Thank you all.

We have never had an artificial intelligence enter our contest before full stop unfortunately we only reward human entries.

I love this challenge - here's my post... but HOW do I burn Lotus?

Oh, gotcha!! All you have to do is send 100 to @null, just like you would any other transfer. You can do it via the front end - just saw you posted there but wasn't sure if it was an entry or not. Going to add the rule 'refer back to the challenge' just so I can be sure!!! x

You didn't have to @minismallholding - as long as you posted on NMIO we counted it as it appears in the #blogstream on Discord :P - giving you more chance to be seen quickly too.

Ha ha you are so cute xxx

Best of luck to all participants, and @naturalmedicine as well :>)

I tried to re-steem this to help spread the word, but it seems the 'resteem' button has disappeared???

Uh-Oh…my bad… I just noticed this post is seven days old :>(

Will put out another one on Saturday as the deadline is Feb 8th xx

I've added @naturalmedicine to my follow so it shows up in my feed. I only wanted to help you spread the word by re-steeming :>)

Hello there, how are you? :)
Is there a deadline for posting an entry? I'd like to do one, but it probably won't be until sunday now.

..first of all, thank you very much for your kind answer, love these pictures (for me still artworks..) detailed..and somebody spend time and positive energy doing it..ya, great idea for a contest, real love it!..unfortunately I found it right now, guess I won’t have time today..btw the greatest artist for me is nature itself! i love gardening and spending time watching and curing plants, it never stops surprising me...and nature is still powerful and adaptable simple sometimes a plant or even a leaf seems, there’s always something new to explore and understand..genius!..thank god or Mother Earth herself we haven’t been able to destroy it completely..but there are moments I m not really sure, if we will hurt our beautiful earth..anyway, don’t stop doing your great job, thank you for this...
!invest_vote, up..follow you..resteemed..and enjoy..

Nice contest. Art is healing indeed.