What is TAMEANA? Healing Crystals & Pleiadian Connection

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Usually when asked about Tameana, all I say is that it's a profound vibrational work. But it's actually a lot more than that...


When the Pleiadians first came in touch with humanity, the most important teaching they left us is that everything is vibration. From the smallest and insignificant thought, to the biggest mountain. Its all just matter vibrating. Just thought, vibrating.

A second concept shared by them, was the fact that each vibration issues vibration in response to what it experiments as consciousness. Meaning that the whole universe is just a consciousness, vibrating in infinite forms, and experimenting itself as vibration.

The ancient practice of consciousness called Tameana, was born as a way to help us gain some perspective on what we are experimenting.
Tameana, the sacred triangle or Salush Nahí as this practice was called in the ancient Lemuria, works like a vortex that helps us to understand everything that is and how its all interconnected.
It is a work with crystals that invokes in us the will to reach wholeness, stimulating within us a process of transformation on several levels.

Life flows in us as small reflections of the universe, energy is present in every process of our life, in the physical world, in what inspires us, in our dreams, in our desires, in the belief of being able to be and in the ignorance of knowing that we are already what we long for.

Tameana is an invitation to feel ourselves from a very simple and orderly practice, from its structure and the method it applies.

I was blissed with the luck of learning this techniques by Juan Manuel Giordano, who channeled the method from the Pleiadians. Its remarkable the energy he is able to move and if you have the opportunity to meet him, well take it!

The practice is formed by a simple work structure but with great capacity to condense large volumes of energy and direct them precisely according to the vibrational scale being worked on.

The Pleiadians speak of the intrinsic potential in each human being to express their original and pure nature that naturally leads us to have a perfect balance with the universe.

In short, Tameana awakens the seed of Being with our original spirit from the profound modification of the vibration in each cell of our body.


Next time I'll share with you a more detailed process of how the work is done and some incredible experiences I had performing Tameana.

Hope you enjoyed it!
Wish you all the best, be light!


The Pleiadians speak of the intrinsic potential in each human being to express their original and pure nature that naturally leads us to have a perfect balance with the universe.

I love this message but have to admit that my intellect and logic can't help but thinking: Did the Pleiadians really exist? Perhaps an unnecessary question but do you actually believe in them / that story?

No matter what, I really liked the overall energy of this post and - Pleiadians or not - I wholeheartedly believe in the overall message you're delivering her.

Everything is vibration and energy. It's all about wholeness and balance. Love it!

I also really enjoyed the pictures in your write up. Looking forward to the follow up to this post :>)

Much love,


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Thanks love. Glad you enjoyed it. Regarding the pleiadians I will be posting a lot more, because there is so much to learn about it. Im not saying they exist or not here, just because, you know..nothing truly does...
And as everything is vibration and we are just technology to process and experiment that vibration; each one of us has the power to "believe", "create", "understand" the universe in our unique way.

So that I do, express my vibe and let the world experiment it as they will... let the truth, be love.

An awesome reply, that I totally get.
It reminds me of the film that I watched ( again ) today and just posted on.
Wonder if you've seen it and if so, how you like it :>)

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