Walk along the Neva river embankment

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Greetings, my friends ! I went for a walk along the embankments one of the last days of November, on the eve of a big snowfall. The day was gray and gloomy, with clouds hanging overhead.


I chose one of the photos taken in the middle of the walk as the cover of this post, but I am going to organize the rest of the story in a clear chronological order. I start my story with the chapel of Nicholas the Wonderworker.


This chapel stands on the territory of the Admiralty Shipyards. The territory is closed to visitors, but you can approach the chapel if you ring the bell at the gate and give the caretaker a few dollars. Right in front of the gate there is a blue stand, on which the rules of visiting this piece of the quay are written. I did not call the caretaker, I limited myself to carefully placing my smartphone between the bars of the grid and taking a few photos.


English embankment of the Neva River starts at this place. Or it would be more correct to say that English Quay ends here: I will go up the river and the numbering of houses will decrease.


Palaces and mansions overlook the embankment with their facades. Some of these buildings seem to be very similar to each other. Yellow buildings in the classicism style are especially similar to each other: the same color of the facade, white columns, triangular pediment... But if you look carefully, you can find many differences.



The lower photo shows the former mansion of Count Rumyantsev. The History Museum of St. Petersburg is located in this building now.


Along the embankment stretches a strip of pier. Pier are located along the second bank of the Neva River, too. Seagoing ships come to these quays from the Gulf of Finland and wait for the night. At night bridges will be opened and ships will be able to go up the Neva River and pass into Lake Ladoga.


The place near the bridge of Lieutenant Schmidt is usually occupied by tourist liners. Usually, but not during a pandemic, I haven't seen tourist liners here in a long time, this pier is empty.


I decided to go to the bridge to take pictures of the Neva River panorama. The industrial areas are downstream, pipes and factory buildings can be seen in the photos.


Parade center is located upstream, the dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the spires of the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Admiralty are visible. The clouds hang so low that they touch the upper part of the dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral.


I crossed to the other side of the bridge to take a photo of the Neva perspective towards the city center. Of course, I had to go around in a circle: car traffic is very busy, I waited a long time to take the previous shot with a small number of cars.




I went to the pavilion of the bridge swing mechanism and took a few photos. The continuation (or rather the beginning) of the Promenade des Anglais is on the right. I am going to go further in this direction. In the depth of the frame you can see the Hermitage building.



It is amazing, but I did not meet many fishermen. I do not know what this is connected with, usually, there are much more people with fishing rods in this part of the quay.



I reached the Zamyatin Lane. The descent to the water is located here. If it was summer, I would sit down to rest on this descent to the water, but in late autumn and winter it is too cold.


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