Shadow selfie: the Lion and me

in Photography2 years ago


The dark season has arrived in St. Petersburg. The sun appears rarely and briefly, even the middle of the day looks like twilight. It is very difficult to find shadows. Even on clear cloudless days, the sun stands so low above the horizon that it is difficult to find a lit surface with contrasting shadows. I decided to hunt shadows among my summer photos. The result was the discovery of shadow selfies. I'm standing in the center, with a silhouette of a random passerby to my right. To my left sits a lion, a young linden spreading its branches over it like an umbrella. The next shot is of this linden and the shadow of the Griboyedov Canal fence with me.


You have already seen this lion, I showed it some time ago. But just in case, I'll show you one more picture where you can see it clearly.


And this is the last shadow I managed to capture outside before the dark period. It was a month ago, in November. The sun had the strength to rise higher than the roofs of the houses in November. This is astronomical noon, the middle of the day, the sun at its highest point:



SmartphoneXiaomi Redmi 3
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