Reflections of bridges and embankments

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We've had an unusually hot summer this year, with meteorologists telling us day after day that today was the temperature record for the day again. So I tried to use the relatively cool morning hours for walks. This time of day is often calm, windless weather and you can admire the beautiful reflections of the bridges and embankments. Tour boats do not disturb the harmony, the water is almost still.


I decided to start with a photo of the reflection of the Lion Bridge over the Griboyedov Canal. This is one of my favorite city bridges, this wooden pedestrian bridge adorns the bend of the canal.


The next photos I took also on the Griboyedov Canal, near the place where the canal joins the Fontanka River.



I photographed a building which is not particularly interesting architecturally, but is important for art history. In its attic was the studio of famous Russian artist Ilya Repin.


This is the place where the Griboyedov Canal flows into the Fontanka River, you can see two bridges here, the bridge over the Griboyedov Canal is closer to us, and further on you can see the towers of the bridge over the Fontanka River.


The final shot did not capture the reflections: the wind blew, and the water of the river ceased to be mirror-like. I photographed a group of sup surfers. As long as there are no boats with tourists, they have an opportunity for a leisurely water walk.

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