Pavilion "Chapel" in Alexandrovsky Park

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The Chapel Pavilion is located near the Arsenal Pavilion in the Alexander Park in Tsarskoye Selo. The name of this pavilion "Шапель" comes from the French word chapelle. This pavilion was specially built in the form of ruins to create the most romantic atmosphere in this corner of the Alexander Park.


This is a very beautiful corner of the park in any weather, both in winter and summer. But in autumn, during the foliage, it becomes truly delightful.


The architect's idea is that the pavilion should look like a small castle with two towers, one of which is almost completely destroyed. Next to it, there are ruined columns and arcades. In the evening, this architectural composition looks very mysterious, and you unwittingly begin to expect the shouts of an owl. During the day, the impression is not so deep. Scheduled repair of the pavilion was finished recently, and in the sunlight the pavilion Chapel looks clean and elegant, it is difficult to confuse it with a real ruin.






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Hermoso lugar!

Beautiful place!

Thank you!

в гостях у сказки ))

Именно так:)

Amazing photography 🌸

Thank you!

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