Entrance Guarded by Dragons and Magic

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This door seems drawn when you look at it on a clear sunny day, and the dragon looks small, cute, funny. You can only enter this door at midnight. The door gains volume and protrudes from the wall at exactly midnight, and when that happens you can knock on the door ring in the hope that it will open for you.


The time must be absolutely precise, only astronomical midnight is suitable. The moon must be full and shining brightly, an overcast night or night of a new moon will not do.


In bright moonlight, the dragon spreads its wings and grows taller than the walls around it. If you haven't visited this dragon daily and brought him nice gifts, if you haven't made friends with the dragon beforehand, your fate will be unenviable. So I advise you to prepare well, but I must warn you: I do not know a single person who has been successful in this venture. Therefore, I cannot tell you what is on the other side of the door.


However, if you look carefully, among the magical windows, firmly closed and hidden from view, you may find one simpler door. It leads to the service quarters. For no matter how hidden and mysterious the castle is, the inhabitants need something to eat, and therefore need a door to deliver food. I'm not sure you can get from the pantry to the main halls; it's not likely to be easy. But you can wait for the gatekeeper with the keys to appear and peek into the pantry to see at least a little.






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