Armchair, swings and candlesticks

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My story could have been called "accidental shopping," and that title would have been perfect. But I decided to make the title more specific, to list some of the products that I met yesterday in an unexpected place.


It went like this. I went to an exhibition of children's drawings at the art gallery, which was housed in a building that used to belong to the foil mill. It's a common practice in our city to convert industrial buildings into creative spaces. As a result, everyone is happy. Old industrial buildings with beautiful architecture are used by artists as workshops and exhibition spaces, while existing production facilities are moved to new buildings on the outskirts of the city or out of town.


I looked around the exhibition, slowly moving from one work to the next, and got to talking to one of the visitors. It turned out that my new acquaintance worked in the carpentry shop that occupied the building next door. Only a few people work there, but they create true masterpieces of wood. My new acquaintance invited me to look at their work. It was not a showroom, but a working workshop, but it was even more interesting that way.


The curved wooden chair looks so attractive that it needs no further explanation. On top of the workbench is a table assembled from precious wood.


The table looks light and graceful, but additional weighting has been made in the drawer for the sake of greater stability. A curious solution was used for the foot of this table: the wood strips imitate parquet so that the foot seems to grow out of the floor.


I noticed some wooden gears near the front door. It turned out to be part of the lifting mechanism for the suspension swing. The swing is now disassembled.


In the next room there is a souvenir production: candlesticks, wooden "stones" and other souvenirs. If you look closely, you can also see other products in the pictures: table legs, table tops of different shapes, shelves and chests of drawers.




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