The Rain Forest

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Welcome to the rain forest of Costa Rica

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In the heart of the world, where verdant curtains of emerald cascade in a dance with the heavens, lies a realm veiled in mystique and enchantment—the majestic rain forest. Here, where the sun's golden rays pierce through the verdant canopy like shards of celestial light, a symphony of life unfolds amidst the lush foliage.


Every breath drawn is imbued with the essence of ancient wisdom, carried on the gentle whispers of the breeze that rustle through the verdant labyrinth. Dew-kissed leaves glisten like jewels, each droplet, nurturing the vibrant life that thrives below.


Beneath the canopy's protective embrace, a kaleidoscope of colors dances upon the forest floor, where vibrant orchids bloom in a riot of hues, their delicate petals unfurling like secret whispers of passion. Cascading waterfalls weave ribbons of liquid silver, their watery song harmonizing with the murmurs of the forest.

In this enchanted realm, where the earth pulses with primordial energy, every nook and cranny teems with life. Exotic creatures, both wondrous and rare, roam amidst the undergrowth.
A kaleidoscope of toucans and parrots paint the sky with their vibrant plumage, their raucous calls echoing through the verdant expanse.


But it is not only the creatures of fur and feather that call this place home. Beneath the tangled roots and moss-covered stones, a world unseen unfolds—a realm of magic and mystery where sprites and spirits dwell, guardians of the forest's secrets and keepers of its ancient wisdom.


In the forest, time itself seems to stand still, as if caught in the gentle embrace of Mother Nature's eternal embrace. It is a place of wonder and reverence, where the boundaries between the mundane and the magical blur, and the true essence of existence reveals itself in all its breathtaking splendor.


The forest is a place to be, to meditate, and absorb wisdom. My favourite place.


Thank you for joining me - I wish you LOVE LIGHT and HAPPINESS

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