MALE CARDINAL - Original Photography by Pinkie-Pepper

in Photographylast year

What a vibrant red!

Pinkie-Pepper has been getting into photography once again. Besides our own animals, the wild birds of our area are becoming the subjects of her photographic efforts. This time, it's some original photos of Male Cardinal. They are much brighter, redder, and more vibrant than the females of their species. Enjoy the photos!

MALE CARDINAL - Original Photography by Pinkie-Pepper

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Hello my friend! 😊

Please pass on my appreciation to @pinkie-pepper for her beautiful photos of a very handsome fellow. I've been hoping to catch sight of Cardinals around here, as my handsome husband has seen them, but alas, I've not managed to see them yet, so I'm enjoying yours even more. 😊

God bless you and your wonderful family. Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! 😊

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