Photography of jaba flowers collected from my garden

Flower Photography


My name is Nusrat Jahan My home is Bangladesh. I am a college student. I have just started studying in college.

I have a garden on the roof of my house and I have collected their photography from there. The name of this flower is Jaba. I have two to three Jaba flower trees.


Every day when I get new flowers, I take care of the trees. The girls are watered in the morning and afternoon and they are taken care of regularly.


I brought the works from the nursery or from my girlfriend's house and there are many trees in their garden and there are thousands of flowering trees in their garden.


I have brought flower photography to your community and will try to bring regular flower photography to be by my side.


I like photography so I have a garden on the roof of my own house from where I collect photography shots.


If you like photography, please comment. I will come back with new photography later.

48Mega pixel
LocationBogra, Bangladesh

Thanks to all of you for reading my post!