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I'm so glad that with all that's going on in the world, I'm still able to escape reality and get out with my partner, dogs and even take my camera. I would hate to be stuck in doors 24/7.


I really like the challenge of trying to get insects whilst they are flying in mid air taking hundreds of photos to get a couple of good shoots.



I'm not the most accomplished photographer, I just like taking pictures of the things that I find interesting when I'm out.

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It saddens me that so much unprofessional content is rewarded on this platform. Which is the reason why I abandoned it. Though, my complaints about you making money off of prostitution may not matter. None one is going to care about art, music or photography when the economy is done collapsing and you are starving to death due to food shortages. I would put all of my energy into producing food if you can. Starving people, unfortunately, are generally unwilling to buy/support what isn't needed. I doubt any artist/photographer/musician will survive this collapse. Good luck.

looks like they have started bid bots behind the scene. As most of them moved to hive they want to milk every bit off steem they can plus are doing anything possible from their side to kill the platform. That is what I think is happening here ..

That is a very intelligent observation. It was the very same thing that happened on the eve of the infamous Stock Market Crash of 1928. These rich folks at the top really know how this money/economics thing works and abuse that power maliciously to fulfill their ambition of global domination, coupled with population control. I wish I had more solutions to offer but, my best solution to this is something we all would of had to have started over 10 years ago. Now, it might be too late? Wishing the best for ya!

The single thing that will kill a platform is censorship. Bot are a cancer, but a healthy playform can absorb this abuse.

But Censorship is 100% fatal, 100% of the time! That is what is destroying steemit.

I am still here and hopeful, but I am very concerned!


It is so unusual. I think Everyone is stoned today. 420


Your post reminds me of how beautiful nature and our planet can be.

and that sometimes we don't even realize it because we are only aware of the commitments and work that overwhelms us day by day

That is why I have become a person with the thought that from time to time we should only take time to appreciate what surrounds us and thus appreciate everything around us and that sometimes we do not even realize it.

some beautiful photos, along with all the background they entail, @lefty619.

Hey @lefty619. The post was very interesting and also yeah I fltl the same. Right now in quarantine, I have been able to edit pictures from my past trips and also improve my portfolio.

Especially top one it’s prettu hard to get insects in motion

Beautiful photos, it feels almost like I went on the walk with you. I also couldn't agree more, nature is a real gem and it looks we are only becoming aware of that. We sure are breathing the cleanest air we have ever had.

While being inside for me is not that bad, i would much rather being out in nature with my dogs and my camera than this! Thanks for the beautiful shots.

Nice photography like the steam of life.

Really interesting image. I think you love to be in Nature

Tu perrito se ve de un feliz, se ve libre. Saludos.

Those bees are beautiful
I love your photography too!

That fungus is called turkey tail, and is used for medicine.

Nice pictures.


ah, thanks didn't know that 😀

They use it in tea as a serious medicine. The source was treating cancer with it.

I enjoyed the post, good eye on the photographs!


I've seen some talks by Paul Stamets. I've never tried and mushroom/fungus but i'm willing to try

Read up on the turkey tail fungus first. Itis supposed to be very powerful, but I haven't studied it myself.

Keep posting!


Without further ado, excellent photographs, congratulations to the author 🤩🤩

I am learning how to cook during this lockdown.