📷🌿 My thoughts on the wonderful dandelion plant

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Dandelion, we often underestimate these beautiful flowers. In the garden they are like weeds, all the owners try to bring them out so that they do not interfere with the growth of their wonderful, unique plants. But let's remember how happy we are when in the beginning of spring we first see these yellow flowers, which, for example, I associate with the beginning of spring.



Children collect flowers, make charming bouquets for their mothers, girls weave wreaths. Such a simple flower, but how much joy it brings us. Let's also not forget that dandelion has many healing properties. In folk medicine she is an indispensable assistant. Dandelion color, roots, juice are used for treatment.



Oh, and you can make a wonderful wine and jam from dandelion flowers. Of course, you will have to spend a little time, because in order to collect the required number of flowers will have to spend a day or two). You know, to describe all the benefits of this plant, one post will not be enough.



Definitely expect another post about this magical plant. I wish everyone a good day. And on this wonderful day, I congratulate all mothers on their day.


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Wow Perfect Photography
Really like your Pictures

Thank you, I'm very pleased

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