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Hepatica nobilis / Anemone hepatica

Decided to learn Spanish. It would have been easier to refresh my Swedish, French or German skills HA! What skills?! or to start almost from scratch with Estonia but no, I decided to try to learn something new. There were three options in my head, Russian, Chinese and Spanish because these three languages are in my opinion in the top six languages to learn or at least to know a little. English, French and German of course being the three other important languages.

Decided it would be Spanish because I though it would be the easiest of those three options. Thought writing or pronouncing to a Finn is easier than Russian or Chinese. And I've been watching lately a lot of TV-series from Netflix that have Spanish or Latin American Spanish in them. I always watch everything with original language. I hate dubbed series and movies and I also hate that Netflix thinks I want to see the trailers that are not originally in English, dubbed in English.


How did I get from those first two paragraphs to these next sentences, read it here: https://twitter.com/insaneworksfi/status/1252982217669849094

"Si a este pendejo lo manda a la chingada, ¿a nosotros también?"
When someone you know is in trouble it's important to know if you are too.

"No lo conozco."
Remember to deny, deny and deny everything.

"Ya déjate de chingaderas."
Sometimes it's necessary to be a bit rude.

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