looking for insects that are laying eggs.

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Nearly an hour wandering in the forest bushes looking for an insect laying eggs. and found the result. this is the yellow spider, otherwise known as the insect family.
and it turns out that it is difficult to find insects like this. because, they like to be under the leaves, hiding from other predatory insects.


As you can see, inside the white fibers, which is under the belly. and it was the egg that had not yet hatched.


These insects or spiders like it are very good at raising their eggs. as he wrapped with fibers, so that the eggs do not fall when blown by the wind.
because this still really needs care for the eggs, until they hatch. and when the eggs hatch it will reopen these white fibers. so the babies can come out.

this is my original image. which is shot with the OPPO.A1K cellphone camera and is also equipped with a macro lens on the camera. so that the image looks clearer and more attractive.

By me @anwars. 🕸️🕷️