A HoneyBee flirting with Purple Heart, Tradescantia pallida, The Purple Queen Live Plant ! Some Special moments captured !

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HoneyBee is very hardworking and pretty quick in its task to collect nectar and move quickly from one flower to the other. Therefore to capture it, is definitely such a tedious task. You have to constantly chase the Bee ! Here & there !

So, this Honey Bee caught my keen attention as I was standing very near to the "The Purple Queen Live Plant" when this Bee came and started its wondrous work of pollinating the flower, the bud, extracting the nectar...and what not !

Did You Know... !?

The Scientific name of Honey Bee is: Apis

Family is : Apidae

Interestingly, The Speed of the Honey Bee is : 32km/hour

The Life span of Honey Bee is : 14 to 28 Days

The Source of above information is Wikipedia

Inspecting mode !

Interrogating mode !
Pollinating...Pollinating...Pollinating !
Perhaps, collecting nectar !
So, while the Bee was working and I was chasing, I felt that the Bee was also noticing my presence there but kept on ignoring me for a while.
Till this moment, where I just felt the Bee was telling me " Hey You !!! Stop Chasing me !...See the reaction ! LOL Yeah !
and then got busy again ! as the task in hand is more important than anything else...in Life ! that's infact the truth ! When it comes to the life of The Honey Bee !
This one, here seems like...The Bee saying ! God ! save me from this stranger !...chasing me like crazy ! literally !!!
Then I left the Busy-bee...undisturbed ! & captured some more clicks !
After this shot...the Bee flew away ! Hmmm! to some undisclosed destination! :)

Thanks for watching! Hope you liked the captures !

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