Will CTPtalk Move To Hive? - Plus #2020vision Day +29

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Will CTPtalk Move To Hive?

So this is a really big question for me, CTPtalk is where I am active and where I want to continue being active, and I do want that to be on the Hive blockchain.

Steem-engine has not to my knowledge said if they will support tribes moving to Hive, and if it's possible, though SteemLeo seems to be working on a solution.

Now the fact that @jongolson started a full power down on Steem yesterday despite not knowing wether CTPtalk can move to Hive suggests that it will move regardless of the form it will take.

So here is to hoping that it can be done, and my conclusion is that it will move, but not very fast, these are just my thoughts, let's see what happens.

2020Vision Day +29

So I continue to watch 4 ads per day for my #2020vision, my form of creative pushups, and today I made that in LeadsLeap, and you can see my Weekly Schedule here.

2020vison was started by @pixiepost to draw attention and awareness to the Steem blockchain and to promote health and the Actifit dApp, and you can see her announcement here.

Screenshots from my mobile watching 4 ads.





So that was my #2020vision for today, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and ...

Stay Awesome!

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Yeah, Jon is committed to a move even if he is not sure how or when it will be. Only time will tell if it is the right move. am hopeful the two blockchains will work and succeed, more is better for content creators.

With all the talk about the recent censorship on Steem I fear group-think censorship more than I do from a single entity. And there has been too much of that being expressed on the new blockchain for my comfort.

The best situation is for all sides to settle down and concentrate on building up their respective blockchains and stop trying to tear the other side down.

In any event, I personally will give both a chance and support both the tribes and blockchain base tokens financially and creatively for the time being, reevaluating the situation in 10 days or less if circumstances warrant.

Thanks Mick, to each his own, as for myself I will move all to Hive except for CTPtalk until that is moved to Hive-engine, and the same goes for thisisawesome too, stay safe and awesome.

time will tell. I do agree since the power down a move will happen
coding and such to overcome
CTP tokens are still awesome

Thanks Andrew, and now there is even official that there will be a Hive-engine, just have to wait a bit for it to arrive, stay awesome.

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