The CTP Update - Hard Pills To Swallow

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Affiliate marketing can be a fantastic career choice! There is huge potential in this business and being in business for yourself always draws a lot of attention. However sometimes, there are misconceptions about what it takes to 'make it' in the affiliate marketing arena...

Last night, we hosted a webinar that discussed the 'hard pills to swallow' when it came to affiliate marketing....


These 'pills' are the things that don't always come up when someone is starting to build a business online, but at the same time are extremely important to know.

We created a downloadable PDF file as well for attendees last night to follow along with the webinar. You can download it and print it out if you are obsessed with things like that....Similar to @jongolson :)

We got great feedback from the webinar, and we really hope you enjoy it as well!

And here's communities...

When you join the brand new ClickTrackProfit community on You SAVE a unicorn!!!!.png

So we have our own community now!

And you may be reading this post directly in it ....Or maybe (somehow) it got shared on the blockchain....

We are learning more about how to utilize this amazing new feature from the Steem blockchain but we encourage you to join and start posting to it.

Think of communities like a fancy online forum ....That you get rewarded for using ;)


You can actually combine your posts to the community and just by adding the 'CTP' tag when you post to the community.

Cool huh?

So much potential for this but the end goal remains the same....

Bring the blockchain to affiliate marketing, and vice versa!

We hope you engage more than ever on both the CTP Community as well as CTPtalk!


Learn more about the CTP, CTP Token and the Fire-Pay IPI:

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The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

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one heck of a good post indeed...yes it can be hard to swallow... :) thx a lot!!

Thank you sir, appreciate you! And thanks for the commissions at SeaLifeHits :)

Thank you so much for this post. I just printed out the PDF to remind me daily of the "do's & don'ts. Thanks again.

Awesome to hear, hope it's useful. I had fun putting it together along with the graphic!

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in the future with graphics... I use lots of Adobe products and hand-draw a lot and the convert it digitally.

Well I shall try this and see if it will post as steempeak says I am a guest here not sure why.

That's just the default titles for members. I need to play with the settings and rename it.

Loving this @clicktrackprofit! I joined the community and downloaded the PDF reminders! lol Just one little thing, @jongolson in your communities above I see 'This is awesome', I want to join that community too but couldn't find it in the list, did it disappear? Have a @steem ing weekend, @CTP ers! ;)

Thanks Lee...Yeah that's @flaxz 's community for his curation project. Should be there....Here's the link though if you wanna join it

Great motivation Jon, it does take a lot of hard and consistent work, but worth it in the end, and I like most features of the new communities.

Still trying to figure it all out...Gonna take Sunday to work on it all and really play with it.

Yeah it is a lot to take in all at once, stay awesome.