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RE: NEW CONTEST!! ✈️ Where would you go if you were a nomad for a whole year? 🚐 // NUEVO CONCURSO!! ✈️A dónde irías si fueras nómada por un año entero? 🚐

in Steem Geography3 years ago

Unfortunately I don't have a ticket to go anywhere, it's been almost 2 years I haven't left my city.

 3 years ago 

It's an imaginary contest, my friend... is for all of us to dream for a while

This really makes me nervous, I don't want to dream of going abroad for the umpteenth time. 😜

 3 years ago (edited)

Sorry, friend!! It is only a game!! If you don't like it, you have every right, hehe. Some of us have nomadic souls and others do not, hehe

I love this game but don't know where to start because this year I haven't been out of town. Hehehehe

 3 years ago 

Well... here in steemit you can see a lot of the world!! heheh, or google it! Only if you want, of course!

I prefer, writing articles what I live in my daily life, in my opinion it is better. I appreciate your reviews. 😉

 3 years ago 


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