Some DeFi Governance Token Airdrops

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Sorry friends, these days I ain't in a position to spend much time in the social media even though I want it to. However, I try to write a few short posts every week here. Trying hard to increase my frequency but something or the other come in between.

But whatever I do, I don't want to miss out on airdrops. Airdrops are essentially free money and who don't love free money!

But as I previously mentioned, these days airdrops have become task based. For DeFi airdrops, you need to get involved in the project's community and actively participate there to give the direction to the project. That's what "decentralization" means. But there is a limit on how many projects you can participate in. But some projects also airdrop to their early backers and platform users.

For me, I mostly browse through project updates on my mobile whenever I get some time. However, I participate in Snapshot voting only when I'm on my desktop. But I generally forget abouth voting when I reach my desktop :)

I had told you how I missed my Badger airdrop because my old Snapshot voting participation page had migrated and Badger team couldn't track it until today.

Recently UMA had also announced airdrops to Snapshot voters for Yearn, Yam, Sushi, BadgerDAO, and Balancer in addition to their own community. I had checked the address list when it was announced and didn't find mine there. But I didn't had time to see why ...or is it was being update or something.

Did you get your UMA airdrop. You can check the details and list of addresses here. Seems their idea for this delayed airdrop is to increase liquidity.

Popsicle Finance airdrop got delayed. Yesterday BSC explorer's 8 hours scheduled downtime forced the Popsicle team to postpone their project launch. I think now they are launching it tomorrow simultaneously on 3 chains.

They have also move the distribution of 3% of $ICE coins from IDO to IFO. Additionally, 1% of ICE are being airdropped to all liquidity providers on their platform on any of these 3 blockchains. The best part is this 1% airdrop won't be proportionate to the liquidity amount you provide. You only need to provide a minimum of 300 ICE paired with any other coin and you become eligible for the airdrop. The snapshot for it will be taken within first 48 hours of its launch at random time.

I see my address in the list of their airdrop but I don't expect to get all 300 coins as Sushiswap users were the highest and 0.5% of the supply will be distributed to all of them. Let's see how many I get. But I do intend to participate in farming to make myself eligible for their 1% supply airdrop snapshot.


Previously, I had also mentioned about Unit protocol's Component airdrop. But I want to let you know that I myself am not participating in that airdrop. I've a hunch that their governance token won't be very valuable. I mean it has a huge opportunity cost. It's better to provide liquidity elsewhere and get a huge APY. Although people say that Component airdrop will equate to tens of thousands of percentage of APY, I don't believe it as platform liquidity figures don't substantiate that sort of valuation.

However, if you don't want to participate in liquidity mining or in community governance for any project but still want an airdrop, I've an option for you :)


I'm trying to point you to Mimo Exchange. Mimo Exchange is an AMM DEX on IoTeX blockchain with automated liquidity with a TVL of over 170m IOTX. I'm giving you this idea so that you can judge about the value of its (to be launched) token.

It is also coming up with a cross-chain trading Exchange called MimoX. They have already completed the work on cross-chain bridge from Ethereum's ERC20 to IOTX and are about to complete BSC integration.

So for getting the airdrop for this platform, you only need to use it once, or so I believe. This was also indicated by one of IoTeX's senior executive in a video update. Using Mimo is over 10,000 times cheaper than Ethereum's current gas fee. And fast too (takes about 5 seconds).

If you are new to IoTeX ecosystem, you can download their ioPay app and transfer some IOTX to your wallet and then swap it for some other token in Mimo. Alternatively, you can move coins like CYC or BUSD from BSC to ioPay using ioTube bridge. Moving from Ethereum is a bit costly and I won't recommend it if it's just for the sake of airdrop.

Do you know of any exciting airdrop event in the DeFi market that's open right now? Do feel free to share with me. I respect referral links too :)

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