Media Again Spreading India's Crypto Ban FUD . Q&A in Parliament Tells the Truth

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Today, this was the only news that was being discussed among Indian cypto community. The news originated from the following article published in Business Standard:


Business Standard based this news entirely upon some anonymous source and said:

The government is considering the blocking of internet protocol (IP) addresses of companies/exchanges on which trading in cryptocurrencies is happening, said a source in the know.

But before taking any such action, Government must first enact some Law under which it can take such measures on a permanent basis.

In another development, a MP raised some unstarred questions on Cryptocurrencies to the Finance Minister. He asked details of any assessment carried out for how cryptocurrencies impacts regular currency of India.

He also asked for details of any plans to bring legislation to stop the use of cryptocurrencies in India.

Government replied implying that it has not taken any decision on the report on Inter-Ministerial Committee yet and Legislative Proposal, if any, would be introduced in the Parliament following the due process.

For the complete written text of this Q & A, find the document in below images:



Please be informed and don't fall for cheap media tactics to attract eye-balls. Always confirm the news from authentic and verifiable sources.
It's entirely up to you to act responsibly to safeguard your own investment.

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