MDX Airdrop is Live Now. InstaDapp's Governance Token Airdrop Incoming

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So much is happening in crypto these days that it's getting overwhelming for me. Tens of projects are being launched everyday on various chains. So many projects are offering their tokens through various methodologies, to acquire the attention of DeFi liquidity providers everyday, it's impossible to keep track of all of them and get them all!

It's feel crazy to see how much free money is flowing these days.
Only if I could fulfill each one's conditions and had plenty of liquid money to take full advantage of all their offerings!

Sometimes, airdrops are disappointing when they choose to drop it through a lottery draw and you don't get it. Other times, it may be a bit frustrating when you have to spend a lot of time in completing their requirements and then keep an eye on when it's dropped but when it finally arrives, the amount is not actually worth the efforts you made for it.

So always look around for airdrops that could worth in thousands of dollars, if you have to complete some tasks or use their platform. But to each her own.

MDX claim drop is only worth 25 to 75 dollars but it's easy to claim it.
If you were holding at least 0.1 WBNB in your wallet, you are being airdroped 5 MDX without the need to complete any task. Just go to their website and claim it. For more airdrop tokens, check their official announcement.

A few days back InstaDapp also informed about its forthcoming governance token INST to be airdropped. If you had used its platform in the past, you should receive its airdrop. And I think, you still have some time to make yourself eligible for their airdrop. I hope their airdrop should worth quite something. But I ain't very sure about their eligibility criteria. Let me search and pull up their official announcement post for this. Here it is! Please get all exact details of INST distribution from this link.

There seems no chance of any air-dump for INST as token transfers will be initially locked until the governance vote flips the switch after its entire distribution. So your participation in the airdrop is the best bet to get some INST, imho.

I should admit that I haven't paid much attention to both of the above airdrop posts as I ain't expecting any. However, I did check for MDX drop but didn't get any. (Yes, all my BNB is deployed in some pool already 😊)

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