In Celebration of New-born Cubs, No Post From Me Today!

in Account Booster 👍2 years ago

I had plans to continue talking about some new DeFi airdrop today but when I saw the APR figures on Cub pools, my jaw dropped! And I dropped my idea to write any new post in my DeFi airdrop series, for nothing can get any better than Cub Farms & Dens by LeoFinance.


I can't remember, I ever saw a 5 figure APR in any DeFi farm. More importantly, the figure was not momentary but it's still in 5 figures a day later.

There are about a dozen active farms on Cub Finance. And staking choices of 10 coins in Cub Dens. But you won't find any APR percentage less than 4 figure no. in any of these places.

Although I ain't participating in this money grab opportunity but I'm very happy for everyone who is participating there.

Today is the day when a Leo will feel honored to bow down to its own cubs!

Just amazing!!!
Hearty Congrats to the whole of Leo team!

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