Another DeFi Governance Token Airdrop. First Snapshot Tomorrow

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In continuation of my yesterday's post about getting DeFi airdrops, today I'm gonna talk about an airdrop that covers both - the traditional style of HODL some coin to get another coin as airdrop; and DeFi way of being an early bird to use a platform or participating in staking and farming of some token.

I'm pointing you to SafeSwap Governance token viz. SSGT.

There are several ways to get SSGT airdrop. But I'll like to keep this post short and simple.

The initial airdrop is based on HODLing, staking or farming of YF-DAI token. The distribution is spread over 6 months with proportionate distribution every month.

There are 2 important snapshot dates:

  1. 9th March: If you are HODLing, staking or farming YF-DAI before 9th March, you will fall into the category of Long Standing YF-DAI HODLer and will be rewarded the most.
  2. 16th March: If you buy YF-DAI token after 9th March but before 16th March, you will be called New YF-DAI holder and will get a slightly lesser reward.

But there is no minimum limit for holding YF-DAI tokens to get these airdrops.


The longer you hold during the distribution period, the more you will get rewarded. They have laid out detailed incentive plans for holding and staking YF-DAI longer to offer a better loyalty bonus.

The best of these is Last-Man Standing loyalty bonus which carries a prize pool of $100,000 worth of YF-DAI.

For more details, go to this official blog post and also go through their other posts and website to get the complete detail about their project and tokenomics before you invest.

For me, I'd love to get this airdrop but right now I ain't holding any YF-DAI. And I ain't rich enough to buy it for the sole purpose of airdrop. But that's me!

For you, take your own call.

Wishing you the riches!

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