Anchor Airdrop Incoming. But LUNA is at ATH. Here's a Better Way to Get it!

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Anchor Protocol is about to me launched 2 days from now.


With this, $ANC will be airdropped.

If you're a HODLer or staker of $LUNA or $UST, you're all set to get ANC airdrop in the coming week.

But in a rush to get this airdrop, prices for Terra's LUNA has skyrocketed this month:


Today LUNA made a new ATH of $16.51 with no sign of slowing down.

Of course, Anchor is an excellent Savings protocol but would you like to buy LUNA at such crazy prices for this airdrop?

May be, it's worth it; may be not!

But if you ask me, I ain't buying LUNA for this purpose.

LUNA prices have consistently seen a rise after the MIR airdrop from Mirror Protocol. But at $16 a piece, even if you combine all staking rewards and airdrops of LUNA and MIR, you wont get a double figure APR on your investment, even at today's ATH rates of LUNA & MIR.

So what do you think ANC will be worth to justify these LUNA price?

If I go by my past experience of airdrops like UNI, MIR, BADGER, 1INCH etc., it would be better to accumulate the airdropped coin just a day after it is airdropped. A simple strategy is to make the most of the post-airdrop dump!

If the project is any worthy, the coin will appreciate after finding a bottom when all free coiners and non-believers happily get rid of it!

And if you believe in LUNA & ANC both, you may choose to pick some LUNA at some dip from here. Considering the long period of staking rewards, LUNA could very well appreciate in the price if ANC appreciates. So you may possibly double your fun!

However, I think it's safer to wait for the post-airdrop dump to pick some ANC. I dunno how well it could play. May be, there is not a huge dump this time. In that case, I won't be able to buy any ANC. But I ain't so crazy for it anyway!

  • What strategy do you think would work best to get some ANC?

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