6 Coins of The Trillion Dollar Coin Portfolio

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A couple of days back, I was listening to the Teeka Tiwari's pitch to his "The Trillion-Dollar Coin Portfolio". Not that I always follow his advice but I'm keen to see his picks. More than the picks, I like the way he speaks. His confidence, his marketing pitch and his conviction is very inspiring to me.

If you're an active crypto investor, you won't find anything new in his picks. But the fact is sometimes we ignore the very obvious options in front of us in our search for some rarest of gems. Once you see things in retrospect, you realize that becoming a millionaire was so easy but you missed hodling those coins which you did own at one point of time.

Most YouTube influencers will keep telling you one coin after the other as the next big opportunity. And to get into that, you will need to sell what you already had (because after all we don't have such deep pockets to accumulate all those coins!). But this is more like a trading than investing. I love the fact that Teeka advocates hodling ...at least for mid-term time frame.

This time, no one is likely to contradict his pick of Ethereum as the next trillion dollar market cap coin. Almost all of us agree to it. But he is confident that ETH will achieve this feat this year itself.

This is because of the upcoming EIP 1159 fork. He is very bullish about this fork and guaranteeing that this change will happen in spite of most miners not supporting it.

We all know that network congestion and gas prices are the biggest bottle neck in the growth of Ethereum before its v2.0. This is attracting Ethereum users to several other blockchains and L-2 platforms. But if this proposal is passed and gas fee is reduced significantly along with a burning mechanism for ETH, nothing can stop Ethereum to become a trillion dollar chain.

Teeka is betting high on this changes. In fact, he believes that ETH market cap can even overtake Bitcoin's mcap in due course. But instead of investing in ETH, he recommends coins that are tied to the bullish moves of ETH, for mega wealth creation.

I'm happy to see that this time he has picked all DeFi coins to make everyone rich.


This time his picks are somewhat influencing my decision, particularly about two coins.

When this synthetic asset coin MIR from Mirror Protocol was airdropped to me last year, I was about to sell it off immediately because I don't like the idea of synthetic asserts. However, on second thoughts I said to myself, what if I don't like it, markets do! Synthetic assets has a lot of potential and given its small mcap and high potential, this coin is certain to touch high price points very soon. So I decided to wait to get it to $10 instead of me selling it for $1. In fact, at one point I wanted to buy it some more but as always, ETH gas fee turned restrictive for small investors like me. (I couldn't use Terra station as I avoid using KuCoin).

Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for it to reach $10. Despite its steady rise, it was still away from $10. But Teeka's pick made it surpass the $9 barrier. However, after his pick, my conviction in MIR too increased. Now I'm thinking that I shouldn't sell it that cheap! 😊

Second decision I made is to acquire another of his picks viz. SFI. Normally, it's difficult for me to acquire coins with high Unit price (I don't hold BTC, you know! 😉). A coin of SFI is priced almost equal to ETH and for me ETH has more utility atm than SFI.

For last 2-3 days, I was eyeing to get at least 1 Alchemix if it drops to $1500 but it's getting higher and higher each passing day. I can buy only 1 SFI (Teeka's pick) or 1 ALCX (my pick). Am confused, which one should I go for?.

Another Teeka's pick is ROOK. Even YouTuber & Super Farm founder ElioTrades was very bullish on ROOK at its launch but I wasn't very convinced of it. I thought it was good for short term but I never wanted to hold it for long term. I don't agree to Teeka's evaluation based on the fact that ROOK will acquire at least 50% of DeFi Liquidation market. I hope there will be more competition in it. We'll see.

Okay, that's my feedback on some of the Teeka's picks.

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If you want to check all of his 6 picks with the detailed assessment, entry price, stop loss points etc., you need to grab the Palm Beach Confidential membership which comes at an annual price of $5000.

Not everyone can afford $5000 to access such information. But fortunately, some of the HODL Community members are its subscribers.

If you really want to access the whole 24 page report, you will need to join HODL Community Discord server. I'll try to upload this report there after I get the permission from its Moderator.

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