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This post is one of a series.

I will be buying gold and silver coins 🪙 to host steemit very own treasure hunt.


The first phase begins now!

The first phase will involve checking to see if there is interest in such an activity. So…

If this post receives a total of $80 in contributions I will buy a unique silver coin and add it to the collection.

If we get more than $400 I will purchase a gold coin instead.

The breakdown is as follows

The price for one ounce silver is $22 and A one ounce silver coin is $30 plus shipping we are looking at $40 per coin. So as an author I will receive 50% of the total upvote amount. Therefore $80 in upvotes is equal to one coin.

Once we have 10 or more coins we will begin phase two of the hunt.


We will hold a themed treasure hunt. In the comments below ⬇️ Share your idea for what the theme of the hunt should be.

It could be anything: Star Wars, Disney, etc…

Upvote this post and resteem to join the action

This has been a Voidsoul production

if you enjoyed this and want to support my blog click ⬇️


the more people who share and upvote the more coins we will have to give out, let’s see what this community is capable of! ☺️

 3 years ago 

🖐️ suggesting hunting pokemons!

 3 years ago 

I got a suggestion, maybe we can do a theme like a Hunting down Horcruxes like in the Harry Potter Series. I think it would be fun ☺️

The theme of hunting I would like to star war looking for strength, which gives the Jedi its power and was the objective of the Jedi and the Sith.

The subject of the hunt could be Jurassic Park.

The game looks interesting I would say that the subject could be Sherlock Holmes.

Excelente amigo @voidsoul , la verdad es una buena idea para todos amigos amantes del diseño gráfico, la verdad a mi me gustaría realizar unos flyer para promocionar #steemit , pero quisiera que me elaboran algo exclusivo😎

awesome you buy gold and silver coins to host your own steemit treasure hunt.
Try if for example I have money I will follow in your footsteps.
The price for an ounce of silver is $22 and an ounce of silver coins is $30 plus shipping, we estimate $40 per coin. So as a writer I will receive 50% of the total number of upvotes. Therefore $80 in upvotes equals one coin.
please support me @voidsoul..🙏🙏

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