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Greetings everyone.
I hope you all are doing well !

In the city for a few days .
I frequently go to the market for groceries and other necessities.

On my walk, I always come across these furry companions, who are typically peaceful but can be aggressive at times.
Fortunately, I haven't had an aggressive interaction with them. Shimla has had a stray dog problem for many years.









In response to the problem, the authorities launched a dog adoption programme with incentives such as free parking. While many animal lovers have stepped forward, there are still a large number of dogs on the streets because people would rather have an expensive breed dog than a stray.

People in villages perform better in this regard. They have no objections to adopting these pets , they are always welcome there.
People in cities, I believe, choose breeds as a status statement rather than pets. (Especially in india 😑)

Have a great day !
Sending love and light 🧚‍♀️


Are you in India? There are any amazing (private) initiatives handling with strays. In Chennai I know Chavi Dutt as an engaged fighter for strret dogs...

Btw: very exiting photos!

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