Positive Thoughts (Daily contest No. 1)

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Hello Community,

today I'm starting a new series. It is a daily mini-contest.
The task: Write one or two sentences with very positive thoughts as a comment under this post.
Please only write your own thoughts. If other quotes or thoughts are used, please indicate the source or the author. I prefer your own positive thoughts.

Do you know what an affirmation is? I wish for such thoughts that have a positive effect.
The whole thing becomes a daily mini-contest. The prize for the 5 best comments will be a 100% upvote from me. In addition, everyone who gets a 100% upvote increases one rank.
I will read the comments once a day and reward my 5 favorites with the upvote.
Give positive energies to the world.

Yes, thoughts, too, are ultimately a form of energy.
We want to think positively. There is so much darkness in this world, let's create mental positive lights and thus create good energies.
I will probably start this positive thoughts mini-contest every day if I have the time.

Be active, be positive, think for yourself.
Be the light yourself.
Be the positive thought yourself!


₭ɆɆ₱ ฿ØØ₴₮ ØɄⱤ ฿ⱠØ₵₭₵Ⱨ₳ł₦



Ave Atque Vale!

사랑은 나에게 신성한

My better search for STEEMIT: https://bit.ly/steemit-search


"devote yourself for something which is pleasant for your soul and live your life at its fullest ''
by @isma-amir

 2 years ago 

Thanks brother for the positive thought

i am grateful that you like it @salim001

 2 years ago 

i am really too sis ..

thank you @seo-boss for organizing this contest very well, before I read your post about positive affirmations, this time about my feelings about positive affirmations "I believe in Allah SWT exists"

 2 years ago 

Amin amin hehe

People are really going through a lot in the world right now. Poverty has become the order of the day but thanks to the emergence of steemit blockchain platform it helped to curb poverty a little from the life of people. Please don’t give up on your dreams keep chasing, writing and posting because you are going global sooner than you think.

"Never stop fighting, because the world will never stop giving tests."

Best regards Fahmiam
Thanks @Seo-boss

 2 years ago 

Thanks brother for the positive thought 🤗😊😊

You are welcome, my sister 🙏🤗

We can never be defeated if our intentions are clear
Special mention: @seo-boss

Don't ever judge a person from outside, maybe he's not what we think.

because often bad prejudice against other people is not in accordance with the reality in the field.

thank you @seo-boss for the appreciation that will be given to the winner later.

thank you for wanting to participate here friends, just continue to support this community, don't forget to also activate the votes of fellow communities and also comments from fellow steemians, that's where we know how to judge people well, cheers for you friends, hope you're lucky today 👍 👍

Thank you for the guidance too, my friend, I hope you will be the best in the future.

yes friends, thank you also for listening to me, don't hesitate to ask

 2 years ago 

Doch warst du blind und stur der eigenen Wahrheit abgewandt.
Durch Täuschung und Versuchung der verdrehter Werte,
entsagtest du dem Wesen deiner edlen Liebe.
Nun geh, nun geh, die Seele hat dich nicht vergessen.

© by Rob de Roy (aka @seo-boss)

Der letzte Empfang

A part of this poem of yours,Lifelike , may call the tendency of the present time to impose the vaccine of "COVID19 on the necks of the people as the cruelest.
This may be the first "Positive Thoughts" for me.

And I say, this Vaccination , without judging the pros and cons of judging in public, can be tantamount to manipulating a planned murder. So as far as the recipients can. Be careful.

 2 years ago 

First of all, I am very grateful to @seo-boss for this great initiation, so that with a mini contest like this we can exchange ideas with other steemit users.

With this mini contest with the theme of positive thoughts I want to give a little positive energy about mental health, where today in the world this problem is the most common problem found. because when a person's mentality falls, there are two possibilities for him to do negative things or fight with his spirituality, therefore I want to give a few positive thoughts to people who are mentally down, the first thing to do is keep positive thinking and fight him with spiritual, meaning that when the problem comes, take it from the positive side, discard the negative thoughts which will later lead to fatal things. therefore for people who experience mental disorders keep thinking positive and fight him with your spiritual way. I hope my short positive review is useful for all steemit users who read it. Thanks @seo-boss for the initiation.

When you lose someone/something/anything you may feel sad, but what if the universe tries to tell you that you are much better off without it in the end and you should not feel sad at all, but happy that the "burden" has left from your life.

That's about people who come and go from our lives.

You should always know that you're brave, talented than you know and capable of doing what you can imagine

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