Playing with the number five (Contest)

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Ok, let's see how creative you are.
The task is as follows.
As a starting material you only have 3 fives (3 times the number five). There must be at least 3 fives.
You can rotate, mirror, duplicate, scale and do whatever you want with it but not deform. The numbers, however, still need to be visible in the end result of your graphic. You are free to choose the color.

Here is a simple example that I created myself.

Now this is not really a work of art. I only needed 2 minutes for this. It is clear to see that only fives were used here. I assembled 4 fives into a cross.
Your artwork can also consist of 100 fives or more. My little graphic is just a demo so that everyone understands what it's about. Your result may only consist of fives and may not have any other components.

The competition runs for 3 days and ends on October 16 (10 p.m. UTC +2)

Write a comment under this post and copy your graphic into it.

1st: 25 STEEM plus a 100% upvote from me
2nd: 15 STEEM plus a 100% upvote
3rd: 10 STEEM plus a 100% upvote from me

Show your creation with the five.
Be active!

₭ɆɆ₱ ฿ØØ₴₮ ØɄⱤ ฿ⱠØ₵₭₵Ⱨ₳ł₦



Ave Atque Vale!

사랑은 나에게 신성한

My better search for STEEMIT:

 last year 

This wonderful contest is full of fun! I love it so much🤩. Many thanks to @seo-boss. I try to make a human or a robotic skeleton with just the number "5"

here is my entry and design...

Frame 4.png

Group 29.png


 last year 

thank you😍

 last year 

very nice

 last year 

thank you

That's a very nice and a funny design

Wow very creative. I love the art

 last year 

thank you!🤗

 last year 

This is the best one so far 🔥

Hahaha, I am glad you like it. Thanks

 last year 

That's very cool!

I appreciate your feedback 🤗

 last year 

nice design!

Thanks for the compliment😊

 last year 

nice work bro

Thank you dear one🤗

Wow. This is a lovely art

Comment acknowledged 🙏🏾🤗

Here's my entry:
Good luck to all the participants.

 last year 

So cute!

 last year 

very nice.

 last year 

nice man keep it up

Thanks mate.

My creation about 5



This is my entry.


I wish good luck to everyone.

 last year (edited)
 last year 

nice work!

Thanks to you sir

 last year 

very well done

Thanks a lot

Added a background to spice things up in my own way. It’s a pleasure joining this contest.
This is my entry 🙂


 last year 

Amazing contest here is my entry

i want to wish everyone good luck

 last year 

nice design!

Here is my entry 🙃


This my 8 five For contest


Ini yang bisa saya lakukan.dari bilangan angka menjadi sebuah tangga yang menarik.#[email protected]

 last year 

Haven't got a desktop computer to compete perfectly so i tried with my hands ✋Thanks @seo-boss for the contest


Woww. You are a creative person. Wish you success.

 last year 

Thank you Sergeant copy that

 last year (edited)

Allright !! I will send may Triple FIVE here :) !!
Lets be creative and kill the bored by joining @seo-boss 555 contest

Here's my entry , Made from Tuna :D

@seo-boss this is my participation for the contest.


 last year 

Nice fish man XD

5 contest

Another five

 last year (edited)

Thank you @seo-boss now i am sergeant. This picture another my creation about five

Proyek 15.png

I love this one it's beautiful 👀

Thank you @saimnasir

 last year 

Good Luck

 last year 

Great contest, I will be sending in my entry soon

 last year 

Best wishes to All

good luck for the future @seo-boss

 last year (edited)

Please copy your picture here in as comment :-). Great Idea.

 last year 

Ok, va bene.

 last year 

nice efforts bro

 last year 

thanks @hibbanbital

This is really nice

 last year 

@metugejacy20, thanks to you

This is really nice

@seo-boss. I'd like to participate. But does this mean we can use any number of fives or just 3 fives??

Only the number 5. As much as you want of it.

Interesting, stimulates creativity Greetings.

I will join quickly

@seo-boss, here's my entry, my creativity.


 last year 

Very interesting event bos @seo-boss

wow I will to play

Congratulations and success always
Always healthy friends @seo-boss

Thank you for being chosen stick to me
Now I have handed it over to @andryea
I'm also sorry I took a long time yesterday my SP ran out @seo-boss

I hope it will grow in the future

@seo-boss It is interesting 😃 I will also hope to participate in this ❤️

Nice article keep it up

 last year 

What a creative Idea I will try to partake in the contest

 last year 

Indeed, am in Love with this CONTEST idea. Lemme prepare myself today.

 last year 

Wow this is wonderful I never knew the could do such creative work with just five

 last year 

Actually there is no way to talk with you, that's why I commented here for a reason. Actually I wanna know why my trx wouldn't add to my trx wallet when I claimed my rewards? Do you know the reason? I knocked you because I think as a senior user you may be know that. If you know the reason then please reply to this comment. Thanks in advance.

I know I had some inconsistencies with TRX as well. I don't know why it worked then. Maybe @steemchiller can answer that question. Technically, he has a much deeper insight than me.

 last year 

can you see me sir

 last year 

see me back sir

 last year 

This is very interesting contest

Great, such contests help bring out the creativity in people. Good luck to all.

Looking forward to the task
Thanks admin

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