How to become a zombie

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CIA NEUROBIOLOGY EXPERT about controlling the human brain using RNA vaccines.
Today, the necessary components can be introduced into the body with a vaccination.

Don't tell me about conspiracy theories.

On June 13, 2018, Dr. Charles Morgan, a neurobiology expert from Yale University, DARPA, and the CIA, gave a presentation to students at West Point Military Academy (USMA). He talked about the ability to alter DNA for mind control purposes. Accordingly, mRNA vaccines should also be suitable as a tool for this manipulation.

Dr. Morgan shows and explains to the elite students of the US military how the technologies known under the acronyms CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Spaced Short Palindromic Repeats) and DREADDS (Designer Receptor Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs) can "design" anything. (...)

Currently, Dr. Morgan took the Human Sexuality course for the Associate Physician Program, YSM, and forensically related electives on Credibility and Indirect Assessment. (Yale School of Medicine)
Here the still unvaccinated can get more information:

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That’s really a lot of amazing information, this information I didn’t know before. Today I first learned about RNA vaccines. , @seo-boss, resteemed.

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CRISPR is mRNA...CAS9 is protein...
They made RNP world...^^

These are some really interesting info...thanks for sharing...much appreciated

medical science is totally unpredictable to me, DNA and RNA now also can use for manipulation what a incredible invention.

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No doubt that Dr. Morgan is a very talented person, DNA for mind control purposes sounds really very interesting and it also can be use for manipulation that's sounds amazing

This is an excellent discovery, @seo-boss, resteemed. May I translate your text in Serbian?

Yes, no prob

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