Some Details About Kali Van Kush's Plans on Steemit and BLURT

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Kali is my Wife and I want to help everyone understand some of what we are about to be doing here, because there will be a lot going on and I want everyone to have an understanding.


First, the obvious, we are doing simple Photoshoots to show everyone how they can do the same. I am hesitant to compare what she is doing here to "Instagram Modeling", as there are several differences including, but not limited to:

  1. The fact that she will be earning on the Platform not just gaining a Following;
  2. She will be a Guide on the platform Teaching others how to make accounts and earn like her while Following her, so she is bringing new users;
  3. There will be many posts about Soap, Soap Making, Soap Selling, Herbs, Oils, etc;
  4. There will be tons of posts about History and Witchcraft (which is also available on Instagram, but isn't instagram Modeling);
  5. We will have Before and After Discussion regarding a Health Regimen we are doing along with Pictures (getting rid of COVID weight).



This is about to begin with Pictures of Kali, Soap Ingredients and How-To's on Steemit, BLURT and HIVE, starting by making this a Whale account on BLURT, then a Token Whale each on HIVE-Engine and STEEM-Engine, so though she is starting a Beauty Economy it's not all what you could call "Glamour", there is also Technique in the Beauty aspect as well as an Element of Creation and Sales regarding the creations, this also then gets into Fashion and Makeup Art, and is all part of Religious Tradition.

What we are doing we start by creating places for people to earn with their Photos, Sell their Beauty Products, etc. But then we will also be helping these people become Healthier, better their lives, and maybe Start a Business. This will all be Facilitated by the Tokens and Blockchains we create so that a Corporate type structure of Curators will form, and then as they learn about Beauty they can be introduced to Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc, to learn how our Bodies work and what we need to consume to enhance performance, what has been called Biohacking but even more Advanced, with elements of Witchcraft.

And from there we will be having Contests, Challenges, Bounties for other Social Media, we will create our own Front End for HIVE and STEEM, and our own Blockchains, we will need Translators, Programmers, Influencers, everything, and we will invite them to join us if they aren't already on one of these platforms. This will then eventually evolve into Street Teams and everything like a Band Fanbase kind of, as we form the Van Kush Family and have Ambassadors around the World representing Kali Van Kush and her Brand.


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