WTF is this? Steemit is seriously broken.

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I just thought that I am doing something wrong in Steemit, I guess I do. I don't cheat like these guys here. What exactly is this shit? Why this deserves any attention and these kind of tips?

Your system is broken.
Where are these tips coming from? some of these guys didn't even care to create a full profile and just post nonsense, and receiving this tips?

I have very little idea how Steemit works and how these guys are funded, but it is simply ridiculous and you should seriously take a good look at what exactly is this platform creating.

I haven't seen lowest effort as such getting rewarded.

I feel shame to even considered joining Steemit, and while in the beginning I was thinking that maybe, it was me doing something wrong, I figured out this is just a big joke, a broken network that doesn't deserve my attention.

Frankly, I am happy I didn't bother to waste too much time with this.


You're new here. Hard to explain.

They buy upvotes. While this is unfair, it is not prohibited. Unfortunately, this system is such that those who invest themselves can push themselves with the help of voting bots.

Thanks, I've been told about bots and boosts, etc. but this really doesn't look good to an outsider.

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