Photo of the Day || My Cute Little New Born Cousin

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Hi Friend's , These are the pictures of my Little New Born Cousin Gurshaan Singh. He is the Son of my Mother's Real Brother. He was born on 29th July, 2021. I was there at the Hospital with my relatives as it was a Cesarean Delivery. His mom and this cute little baby boy both are fine. I took these pictures in the hospital. It was a very happy moment in the family as the New Born cousin of mine is the youngest of all cousins in our family. Many many Blessings for him.

Cute Baby 1.jpg

Cute Baby 3.jpg

Cute Baby 5.jpg

Cute Baby 2.jpg

Cute Baby 4.jpg

PhotographerMonty Singh
CameraIphone 6s
CategoryNew Born
LocationJalandhar, India
Post ProductionLightroom and Photoshop

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