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Lmao. There are no Satanists harvesting adrenachrome from children. Such ridiculous bullshit.

Most people in the so-called truth movement are liars and they put a spin on stories, and warp the details, to fit their agenda. Which is more sheckles from their following.

"Global elites are blood sucking vampires"

None of that automatically implies Satanic people. Who ARE the "elites" exactly? What? Da deep state? No it's talmudic jews. jews are not Satanists. In fact, all of the abrahamic faiths are the enemy of "Satanists" Satanists aren't elites. Satanists are the outcasts. Satanists aren't "in control of the system" they're diametrically opposed to the system and have no place in the system. For fuck sake.

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