WHO has convened the emergency committee.

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What's going on? The WHO emergency committee has become active. Is that something to worry about? Perhaps the concern should be more about our fundamental rights. The Council is to decide whether monkeypox, like our other virus, is a public health emergency of international concern. Declaring an international emergency is the highest level of alert that WHO can impose.

Because of the increasing spread of monkeypox, WHO wants to consider whether they need to call an international health emergency. The head of this institution, that is the Director General of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the outbreak of monkeypox is unusual and worrying. An emergency meeting of the emergency committee has been called for June 23, he said.

In the course of the meeting, there was discussion about changing the name of the virus, as the name "monkeypox" was discriminatory and stigmatizing according to those present, as the term refers to Africans, which is discriminatory and therefore also incorrect, at least according to those present, who themselves brought this absurd context into play in the first place.


In case you are wondering how many cases there were, I refer hereafter to the statements of the Welt-Nachrichtenmagazin (German mainstream media).

EXCERPT: To date, more than 1,600 cases of monkeypox have been reported to WHO in 39 countries, including 32 countries outside its actual range, i.e. from countries where the virus is not endemic! In these 32 countries, there have reportedly been no deaths caused by the disease, unlike in countries where monkeypox is endemic, such as Nigeria or the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 72 deaths have been recorded.

Currently, according to the Health Commissioner, there are about 900 cases of monkeypox in the EU. For comparison, in the EU we have over 447 million inhabitants. Now, according to the WHO specialist, we don't want to wait until the situation gets out of control. Now before anyone gets scared of the next (fictional) pseudo-pandemic, don't worry, because Germany is safe! Indeed, the German Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach does not, he does not wait until the situation gets out of control, but reacts immediately!


A total of 240,000 doses of monkeypox vaccine have already been ordered, Health Minister Lauterbach said in the report from Berlin. 40,000 are expected in June, he added. The European Union had previously announced its intention to buy around 110,000 doses of vaccine against monkeypox. Agreements on this have already been reached with the Danish biontech company "Bavarian Nordic," which produces the vaccine.

The most important thing is to create awareness so that people can assess their own risk, according to the WHO. Ok, we say "create awareness" now, but I suspect that people will have no choice and will be deprived of any freedom of choice, but let's wait for the Gaze. Based on the experience with the previous fake pandemic and the totalitarian measures that were justified with it in the recent past, it is foreseeable that possible devastating measures because of monkeypox will hit our economy hard worldwide.

It is, as I always told you, if the economy really gets opportunity to recover, then it could also recover, the same applies to the inflation, the inflation rate, the stagflation and so on, but it just could not for known reasons! As the German minister of agriculture Cem Özdemir already said, at the latest starting from autumn the Germans must count on further rising food prices, much comes unfortunately still on us. That sounds somehow like a threat and a warning in one and that is also the impression I have, but he is primarily concerned here with the rising energy prices, which the corporations have not yet really passed on and money that the politicians can easily get back from an immature people.

The main problem is probably there are still too many politically correct and obedient sheeple🐏 🐑 who are used to obey and believe everything that state media & politics tell them, without being aware of the unused power they actually have.


If you imagine what will be added to this scenario and what still many naive people put up with and even support, then we have to prepare ourselves for even harder times in the near future. I mean, we also thought at the time that it would only be the so-called pandemic and that war scenarios would not be added at the same time, before we were taught otherwise.

If more variants and viruses etc. are added now, then the whole thing could get even more out of hand. Just because people have now become accustomed to the back and forth of the freedoms already stolen by globalists does not mean the economy will also stabilize for this.

Welcome to stagflation is all I can say to that, where prices go up and the economy continuously declines.


Nice article keep it up

Nice article keep it up

Thanks for this great write-up. I am also of the opinion that while hoping for the best, it is proper to be ready for the worst.

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