The official end of investigative journalism!

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War crimes happen all year round, but in major and minor conflicts most of the time nobody cares and if things are not talked about in the West, then they don't exist! Now, however, a new discussion has flared up and it's on the subject of war crimes. Since the war in Ukraine, all these things are suddenly important again, at least for a few months and then, depending on how long the war lasts, the media and thus most people will not care again.

But now it's not only the warring party, which we have to regard as pure evil according to political correctness, that commits war crimes, but also our close "allies" commit war crimes, even if a well-trained Westerner does not want to talk about it, of course. The problem is that too much attention in these cases would scratch the state-imposed morality and people would start to think about whether it really makes sense to cooperate with such allies in all matters.

Despite this widespread rejection of the truth in the ranks of the powerful and their puppets, you can find them every now and then, these investigative journalists and whistleblowers like Julian Assange & Edward Snowden, who risk head and neck to show exactly these machinations, to make it clear this world can't be classified in black and white, but that ALL have dirty secrets, especially when it comes to the big powers in the East and in the West!


Most of you will have noticedEngland has now agreed to extradite Julian Assange to the United States, where he faces at least 175 years in prison, if not the death penalty. As if that were not scandalous enough, we're talking here about a very specific aspect of this scandal, and that's the silence of our governments. In the West, we always like to pose as a "community of values," as morally exalted people who, of course, value freedom of expression and freedom of the press and, of course, fundamental rights.

In fact, members of mainstream politics & media still claim this, even after the last two and a half years, revealing the West's true nature once again. From a political perspective, the European doggies simply don't want to step on the toes of their American masters. To bring an example to this, here is an excerpt of an interview by the Berliner Zeitung (German mainstream media) with Christiane Hoffmann, the spokeswoman for the German government, who used to work as a "journalist" for German media like FAZ and Spiegel.

Excerpt: "In the Assange case, different protected interests must be weighed against each other. The issues of freedom of expression and freedom of the press should be seen in the context of state protection of secrets. What is at stake here are legitimate security interests of a state, whereby I don't want war crimes to be regarded as legitimate security interests."


So war crimes shouldn't be considered as legitimate security interests, but that's exactly the point! Julian Assange has uncovered the war crimes of the USA and for this he's now threatened with imprisonment! This man has committed no crime, on the contrary, he has brought the truth to light and for this the criminals who're behind the machinations uncovered by him now want to be silenced. Every citizen of this world knows this quite exactly, nobody can bring more as excuse that it would go here around the protection of the USA!

Here it's quite concretely about the war crimes of the USA, everybody knows about it and nevertheless nobody speaks up, one hears nothing from our European "top politicians", no protection is offered, no asylum is granted, although especially western countries are usually very open for it! Everyone is normally allowed to come here, no matter if he can prove that he's persecuted, but with Julian Assange, where it's quite obvious that it's a pure political persecution, there's silence, because the European politicians don't want to step on the toes of their European masters, as I said.

Exactly this is the often propagated "Western community of values", these are the "values" which are currently defended in Ukraine, the values of double standards, the values of hypocrisy and the values of lying! All these are Western values and they're becoming more and more deeply entrenched with every day these governments and their traitors sit in their chairs and the question is: Do we really want this? I, for one, can only say one thing...


This man has earned the freedom honestly and he has already suffered more than enough in his life, the same applies to Edward Snowden. I still don't understand these people can be persecuted in public and the big outcry from "top politics" is still waiting and will not come in future.

After all, this is how the state media show even the last sleepyhead what an unbelievable state of morality we're in now and what kind of state the established parties of the West have led us into.



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