The illusion of absolute security.

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Fictional pandemics and panic-stricken people, whose minds have been successfully turned off by media-fueled fears over the last two years, have shown us that not everyone realizes that absolute security is a pure illusion that can never be achieved and only keeps those who strive for it from living the lives they desperately want to secure.😷

At this point, I would like to give an example on the subject so that you understand what I am actually getting at. In Mexico, there are many security facilities that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, etc., where you should be guaranteed this "security", so to speak, in a country like Mexico, about which many people say it is far too criminal and far too unsafe. Now locals and especially well-paying tourists should be guaranteed this security, so that they feel safer and better there.

When you're in a facility like that, there's already security at the front, you see barriers that are supposed to protect against unauthorized entry, IDs are checked there, everyone who wants to get in has to provide information about where they even live and is required to enter their information into a list. As a resident, you get a special card for the area, you have a chip bracelet around your arm so you can get in at all, and there are lots of other security measures to make you think you don't have to worry about unauthorized entry.


Now there was the case that it has recently rained, which has the consequence that the entrance mentioned and in Mexico facilities are opened, because the security people do not want to sit in the rain. The gates are left open in such cases, the gates of that facility where you have to sign in beforehand with a chip band, with a card etc., exactly this entrance is now simply open. It's the same on the other side, because no one wants to get wet, the gates are just opened. Apparently no one has a problem with it, at this moment will certainly no one come.🙄

I think, this small example alone shows again this whole illusion of security, that is the security, which people need so urgently or want to have and which simply does not exist and which nobody can guarantee you! In so many areas security and freedom simply contradict each other, for example you say that you want a secure job, but at the same time you have the need to be able to be free and flexible, which usually doesn't work out. Another example is the longing for a safe country, which I can't look for if I'm not willing to leave my country and frantically try to hold on to the supposed securities in my home country.

As time goes on, of course, more and more ideas come from rulers or from entrepreneurs that a lot of people are happy about, and then they cry out and say, "Yes, finally there's this security guarantee that I wanted, for example, cashless payment."


At the moment, our society is heading in exactly this direction, so there are now cards where there used to be only cash, but then they say you could also lose the cards, forget them or you can still be robbed even with a card, which means that in the future even more steps will have to be taken to finally abolish these risks (keyword: chip, implant...). Even doors that are possibly contaminated in the age of fictional TV pandemics can then be opened without touching them with an implanted chip in the hand, which has already been publicly advertised in one or another advertisement.

What these "safety measures" can then entail for other dangers is deliberately not discussed. In the future, "autonomous driving" is supposed to guarantee further "safety" by significantly reducing the number of accidents because artificial intelligence is supposed to make fewer mistakes than a human driver. Surveillance by cameras is also a big topic, as are asset registers to prevent money laundering, not to mention the "social credit systems" brought up in the WEF, which are supposed to "protect" us from enemies of democracy 😂 or vaccinations to prevent fake pandemics, and so on.

Some people seriously think, the government gives you security and exactly those, which you assign to give you security, they are in the end only for the fact that you have these desires at all, that you need security, that they grant you this security, thus a security, which there will never be for you
an illusion that is deliberately maintained in order to preserve the paradoxical dependence of the citizen on politics and media.


Consider therefore always, security is in the final effect only an illusion and the exaggerated, often also artificially and/or medially produced urge after it can harm you in completely many ranges, if you become thereby the plaything of forces, which mean it certainly not well with you, persuade you, what you have to want and never intended to give you ever, what you need most (keyword: Freedom)!

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