The global recession is coming!

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The World Economic Forum (WEF), a foundation headed by Klaus Schwab, invites leaders and key decision-makers from around the world to its annual meeting in Davos to discuss certain matters. This year again there were many speakers, about 2200 international political and business leaders were expected in Davos.

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj was switched on live, so that he could once again demand more sanctions, so that the war just does not end and can now go into the next round, but also various other personalities such as the German Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck were among the guests and have made a few statements there, to which I would like to go into more detail.

Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck sees the danger of a global recession. There are currently at least four interconnected crises, he said. Specifically, the deputy to the German chancellor named high inflation in many countries, an energy crisis, food shortages and the climate crisis, which he elaborated on in an interview with the German news channel ntv.


EXCERPT: "We can't solve the problems if we only focus on one of the problems. But if none of the problems are solved, then I really worry about us moving into a global recession."

To avoid any misunderstandings, a recession means an economic slump. In such a case, economic performance is measured in terms of gross domestic product, and if this falls, for example two quarters in a row, then we are talking about a recession, which Habeck says could soon occur on a global scale. During the interview with ntv, he said the following about this:

EXCERPT: "A global recession would have serious implications not only for climate protection, but for global stability as a whole. If part of the world suffers hunger in the coming year, which is bad enough, it's not just about that, it's about global stability."


What is the common theme that is addressed by all participants of this event, by Klaus Schwab, Robert Habeck or other personalities? What is always sold as positively as possible is the "unified world organization", a "world government", because it is always said this crisis has shown us that we have to work together more globally.

The tenor of the WEF is that nationalities should be abolished and in return something global should be created, so that we can manage such (fictional) "pandemics", as it is called, more effectively, because then a single decision-maker dictates how the whole thing has to run and his subordinates have to follow it worldwide, without any deviant being able to step out and ruin the big plan.

The bottom line is that peoples and their rulers should give up all sovereignty, relinquish responsibility at various levels in various areas, be it at the health level the WHO, which makes decisions for all of us that cannot be rejected, or other levels (keyword: EU), so that this previous "control problem" of the elites is finally solved.


At this point, I would like to venture briefly to Sri Lanka, where a major economic crisis is currently prevailing. The country is suffering from food shortages, people are going hungry, there is a lack of medication, a shortage of fuel and gas, and there are also constant power outages. These are all consequences of the measures that occurred during this fictional "pandemic", and with the beginning of all these lockdowns, the economic crisis of this country, which is heavily dependent on tourism, also began.

The "global decision" for these measures and the uniform approach of this world with the measures, with the lockdowns, etc., has only led to the fact that countries like Sri Lanka have been plunged into a gigantic economic crisis and now claim themselves to be on the verge of national bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, the West is already uniformly going ahead again with all the sanctions against Russia, driving inflation in a great many countries more and more, rather than in the country that was originally supposed to be harmed by them and is now in a much better position than it was supposed to be.


Can we now say this "unified action" was particularly positive for the world?🤔 Probably not! Despite everything, the leaders of the Western world, including the head of the Economic Forum Klaus Schwab, agree that our future lies in a unified collective of non-sovereign states. In an interview with the German mainstream broadcaster ZDF, Schwab had this to say on the subject:

EXCERPT: "For the first time, we are confronted with a situation where we have to deal with various crises, life-threatening crises - together and at the same time. These included the war in Ukraine, the global economy with a threat of famine, the transition from a pandemic to normal life, and the climate crisis."

Of course, Klaus Schwab emphasizes in this context what he had also written in his book (title: The Great Reset), namely his notion of stakeholder capitalism. What this term means is that companies not only have to answer to shareholders, but also, for example, have to subordinate themselves to "ideologies" created and controlled by elitist circles, such as climate mania.


People like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates now admit quite openly in interviews that it is precisely for this "purpose" that such platforms as the World Economic Forum were created, where politics and business, i.e. the companies, can come together and discuss things.

As a solution for the removal of all obstacles on this way to the "New World Order" these leading personalities, this "world elite", as it is described constantly, always call in the official media the climate change and in addition the procedure, thus platforms, which unite the opinion of politics and economics - or perhaps even form - and evenly "superordinate instances", like e.g. an EU or also WHO, which have then related to certain topics the sole say, because nations ceded sovereignty to them.

Of course, the principle has been known for a long time, because the whole thing started with the sellout of state sovereignty to the European Union, where, according to former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, sovereignty had to be surrendered for the good cause, even if one then has to reckon with sanctions or penalties if one does not, so to speak, march willy-nilly in step with the other countries or even dare to violate EU regulations.


The powers of such "superior authorities", which are in the hands of a few and according to which all have to obey, are to be extended in the future even further, so that in even more areas more and more people have to obey the guidelines of the new big "One-World-State", so that in future there will be no more gaps concerning measures, lockdowns and repressions against freedom-loving dissenters!

Let's hope these globalists with their dystopia of a totalitarian world government will fail against the awakened peoples of this world before they can implement their sinister plans and bring hell on earth to future generations.

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