Snowden warns of plans to expropriate government critics worldwide.

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Imagine saying something critical about a high-ranking politician and the next day your bank account is frozen. No less a person than Edward Snowden, the man who revealed during the NSA affair that the world is caught up in digital surveillance and has since gone into hiding in Russia, no less a person than this man is now warning that we are facing exactly this scenario!

By the way, Edward Snowden issued another warning, and he said that central bank digital currencies are a perversion of the blockchain and pose a great danger in his eyes. Moreover, he mentioned that CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) would be crypto-fascist currencies. As an example, he referred to the Corona protests in Canada as well as the consequences for those who took to the streets and spoke their minds, on this Snowden said the following....

QUOTE: "That Canada, of all countries, is doing this, a democratic and enlightened government, is a powerful example of why we should be concerned about this development. The government is able to take our money out of our wallets at the push of a button. This should alarm us. Whether you're for or against this particular protest."


In case you don't remember the protests in Canada very well, here are the most important dates about this event again. In January 2022, a convoy of about 50 trucks started moving across Canada and then headed to the capital city of Ottawa. Truckers protested there against fundamental rights encroachments and against the vaccination passports. The Prime Minister of Canada , Justin Trudeau, even fled the capital Ottawa at times.

The Canadian government did not like these protests at all, which is why they imposed the emergency law as a first consequence, but what happened then exceeded any previous level of outrageousness! The government called on banks to block the accounts of participants in these protests and, accordingly, of participants who were only suspected of having taken part in these protests as well. If you think that was all, you are sorely mistaken, because cryptocurrency platforms, insurers and investment advisors also participated in these sanctions against the protesters.

The individual financial sanctions went so far that even the supporters who had only supported the demonstrations and the protests with donations also had their bank accounts blocked. As if that were not enough, the banks were also supposed to report all the truckers' assets to the authorities. This means that if someone drove a truck through the capital of Canada for the purpose of demonstrating against compulsory vaccination, his or her bank account might be blocked, which was welcomed by many an "ideologue" in the population, who usually like to present themselves as "good people", but in this situation let their "masks" fall.


Tom Marazzo, a spokesman for the protesters reported in the news magazine "Beyond the Headlines" how this has affected the blocking of accounts against him and also his wife.

EXCERPT: "Even some of the radical supporters of the Corona measures found it troubling the government can just come in without due process and freeze any citizen's assets at will simply because they provide some kind of support on Facebook or social media or donate a few dollars to something they believe in and that every citizen has the right to stand up for."

"We begged for a debate, we begged. I contacted Members of Parliament through their websites and email. I had meetings with politicians from the city of Ottawa. We talked to the Ottawa police several times every day. But instead of us getting anywhere, they just resorted to totalitarian measures. The way we see it, it all feels more like a massive power grab that they have little interest in ever letting go of."

"They mentioned my bank accounts and so on. There is no warrant. I checked with the Ottawa police every day. I have not been charged and I have no criminal record. And yet my bank accounts have been frozen. I can't access my army pension that I live on, and my spouse's credit rating has dropped 109 points. No one knows where I live because I was very protective of my privacy until recently. Without due process, our assets have been taken away."


The fact this approach is no longer an isolated case on a global scale can also be seen in Cyprus. In 2013, the Troika and the Cypriot government froze the entire Cypriot financial system. In Germany, too, the situation has now reached the point where government critics have already had their bank accounts terminated. The journalist Boris Reitschuster, who is well known in Germany, also had his account terminated, as he showed in a termination letter, namely his account at ING-DiBa and the account at N26 were terminated, to which he told us the following on his page ""...

EXCERPT: "I thought this was an isolated case, but when I told colleagues about it, it came out that critical journalists, but also normal citizens who are politically active and criticize our government, are having their bank accounts terminated because they are politically out of line! Most do not dare to make it public. These people are afraid of looking like victims or not even getting an account anymore."

So you see, the basic rights are valid in the new world order only as long as it suits a government and the state! One does not even want to think about what is still to come in the course of the Cancel Culture, whereby I have not even begun to talk about the digital money system the central banks are currently striving for or how governments have been using ever more sophisticated and adapted money systems for decades in order to slowly but surely take more and more of their prosperity from citizens.


As a small piece of advice for you, in order to protect yourself from exactly that, if you become publicly critical, I recommend that you leave three to six net monthly salaries as a maximum reserve in your bank account; negative interest rates and also inflation, which makes your money worth less anyway, speak for this. You should also make sure that you have a form of money that is physically tangible in barter, such as gold or silver, i.e. something that is not dependent on electricity or any central banks.

The solution to the whole thing can of course not only be the physical precious metals, many also rely on foreign accounts or, for example, real estate abroad. It may also be possible to invest in cryptocurrencies, even though criticism and mistrust of this system may still be very high in some cases. In this context, however, it must also be said that cryptos have become more and more attractive as an alternative in times when orthodox monetary systems are increasingly moving towards controlling you and following you at every turn.

Those who have taken the first step will quickly realize that a healthy mix of different portfolio strategies makes perfect sense in order to invest in the form of crisis protection and to be prepared when this crazy system driven to the abyss by madness will collapse globally one day.



Great article @josua1! Precious metals and , under certain requirements, cryptocurrencies, especially privacy coins, can play a role in our fight for freedom. Nonetheless, only if we get rid of our repulsive rulers, we will be able to survive.

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Thanks, your comment two months ago first got me thinking about this topic.

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