Steemegg is hungry... Delegate 10 or more SP and get 30% APY Paid out daily.

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@steemegg is a sideproject of mine which is expanding RAPIDLY... needs your help...

Delegate any ammount above 10 Steem Power to @steemegg and recieve 30% annual return / paid out daily...

Comment here or on one of that accounts posts that you have delegated just so i can double check you are added, and thats, it your payments will automatically start coming every day.

Let me know if you have any questions... I have included a quick walkthrough how to delegate below along with a link which makes it simple / already has the @steemegg's name filled out =)


How to Delegate?

  • Click above link
  • Enter your username in the first spot
  • enter the amount you want to delegate
  • Click STEEM: Delegate Via

  • FireShot Capture 081 - Steem SP and Hive HP Blockchain Delegation Tool -


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