Closer to Life.

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So many things to say yet so many words I know.
There are so many things to do yet we don't have enough time.

How could I squeeze more life into my life?

Can it be possible to go closer to life than where I'm now?

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I need more life to fill in my inner self.
I need more refreshing breath on this planet.
I need to leave behind something good.

Yet I don't have enough time!

Closer to life - How can I make that possible?

My only reason for existence is to produce happiness.
But life. Oh! My life, never lets me go off the things that I don't want to do.
Maybe after many many years, it could be possible.

But would I feel the way I'm feeling now?

I would be old.
I would feel less of life.

So what now?
How can I go closer to life?

Should I hug life?
Should I hug the people I love?
Should I make myself more connected with the things that matter most?

Maybe the last part has the answer.
I need to focus on them.
I need to go closer to life.

Thanks for reading my post.

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