Existence ,"The devil's finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist."

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Hope everybody is doing well. Everyone's time is going well, I wish this. Today I will try to write a verse from my thoughts. Hopefully, my readers will like it.


If existence is to be said, then that fog sometimes burns
like a lighter and sometimes it goes out. I would not say that there is too much success , but a sense of serenity works when we can enlighten others by burning ourselves.


The age of wanting and receiving
is no less.
Now I have reduced it a little,
that is whimsy, that is pride.
There is no peace now,
by spreading oneself among others.
have changed myself in the midst of the rules.
My foggy life
is very much divided into episodes from time to time, where each episode has its ups and downs,
but in such an existence,
I am no longer afraid.

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